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Creed's Stapp Tries To Stop The Violence With Arms Wide Open May 16, 2001

With Arms Wide Open, the foundation created by Creed singer Scott Stapp, is working with Stop The Violence to get youths to sign pledge cards to sniff out and report violent tendencies in school. The organization plans on starting the campaign in Orlando, Florida-area high schools.

The singer-songwriter does admit that he could learn a few things from his foundation's work with Stop The Violence, as he's been involved in several altercations. Stapp told LAUNCH about taking matters into his own hands. "Part of what I do in my music and part of some of the things that we will do with this foundation, with the Stop The Violence, is maybe it's an issue or something that I can understand and I can relate and that I have a problem with and that I, when you say take matters into your own hands, I've had to do that since I was 5," Stapp says. "I had to go out and cut lawns and give my mom the money so she could buy groceries. I've always had that take matters into my own hand mentality, and that was 21 years ago."

As for the problems with school violence, Stapp said, "It's a lot worse than it was then. It's something we need to try and eradicate in our children so they don't grow up with that mentality and have to deal with those demons and deal with the consequences. Because at any level the consequences can be bad." Stapp was alluding to his regretted choice of using violence to protect himself from verbal and mental assaults at a St. Augustine, Florida nightclub last month. (read the article)

.Darren Davis