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You can listen to Scott Stapp's interview with Andy Savage from Seattle's K-ROCK 98.5.

K-ROCK 98.5 Seattle

October 11, 2004

Andy: This is Andy Savage in the morning with Steve the producer and Jody and our special guest Scott Stapp, formerly of Creed. So, let's start right out, why Scott, is it formerly of Creed?

Scott: Well, um, back after the Human Clay tour, Mark and I had begun discussing wanting to do side projects whenever we took a break in between records. The bottom line is, Mark was growing as an artist and he wanted to sing and he wanted to express himself

Andy: That's all fine and good, but you guys sold what? 30 million copies?

Steve: I believe the proper term is a kajillion records.

Scott: I think it's 40 worldwide now.

Andy: 40 million dollars.

Scott: But you know you don't do this for money.

Andy: Oh come on.

Scott: Listen, hold on, hold on. You can so 'oh come on' but you really don't at the end of the day. I don't think you can have success if that's your sole motivation.

Andy: Okay, but and then again, if you have I'm sure with 40 million sales you have plenty of money, so you can do what you want.

Scott: Right. So you can make decisions, you know, like that and so Mark had been working on his own music for a long time and he did his demos and submitted it to the label and they really felt like the songs would do better had he brought in another singer. At the time, I had begun working on my own stuff so it was almost past the point of no return at that point, you know, he brought in Myles Kennedy from Mayfield Four, which

Andy: Was an opening band of yours

Scott: Right, we were all friends with. Mark really likes that Cornellesque and the '80's -esque style, I do as well, but I don't sing that way, you know, I think it was totally natural. But, you know I don't think the doors closed that they'll ever be another collaboration by Mark and I.

Jody: When you have a split like that, do you find out how the other person is progressing as they're doing it, like as radio people are finding out or would he call you be like 'hey I want to give you this advance copy so you could listen to it first'?

Scott: You know it was his thing and some drama did kinda come into it.

Andy: Yeah, 'cause I remember reading an interview where he's like 'oh we're sick of Scott being on the cell phone all the time" or you know, being all Hollywood.

Scott: Well, you know, someone had to handle the business aspect of the band, you know so you make sure you're getting paid and things are going right. That was my role from day one. To be brutally honest with you, it came down to I think of a little bit of a rivalry for Mark. I think he felt like maybe he wasn't getting the recognition he deserved and I knew that and we talked about that as friends and I did that all I knew how to do - I was sensitive to those feelings and was trying to keep the team together. I also think that his dream of rock band success wasn't fully materialized with Creed, you know because of the Christian a

Andy: Aspect

Scott: Aspects of it and he had no idea. The other guys didn't even know why people were saying that. I really - caught me off guard - because I didn't realize how much of my background had infiltrated and gotten into lyrics and I dealt with a lot of the spiritual aspects of my life in two or three, four of the songs on every record. There was never an agenda to try make people believe what we believed in or what I believed in or try to proselytize. It was just

Andy: Then why in the videos - you're arms outstretched and that's comparison to Jesus

Scott: Well, the song's - hold on - the song's Arms Wide Open and I opened my arms. And it was kind of a, for me, when I'm performing sometimes I feel just like a release, you know, like - ahhh - you know, like I'm getting these emotions out and it was never intentional to look like that.

Andy: We're talking to Scott Stapp on 96.5 KROCK, Andy Savage in the morning. I've been waiting a couple of years to put this to bed. We did an interview with Brian Marshall.

Scott: Yeah, yeah

Andy: Okay, that was before one of your shows in Seattle and of course at the time there was a lot of comparisons between you and Eddie Vedder and your voices

Scott: Legitimate, legitimate comparisons

Andy: Right. And I asked him about that and Brian Marshall responded with Eddie Vedder only wishes he could write songs like Scott Stapp" so (Scott laughs) this caused a brew ha ha then it's like a few days later Brian Marshall's fired from the band and

Steve: And we took credit for it .

Scott: Right.

Andy: All of a sudden we're taking credit for it.

Scott: Well, just, just

Andy: Why did Brian get fired?

Scott: I hate to use the word fired. It was more of like three friends intervening, which is as much as I could elaborate, and caring about somebody.

Andy: But were you legitimately pissed off that he said about you and Eddie Vedder

Scott: Oh, I was mad at him for saying that. I mean, on one hand I can see that he was trying to, you know, be a friend to me and try to stick up for the band

Andy: Well yeah, why not?

Scott: Because he had felt, as all of us had felt that there was a lot of people just basically saying we were a rip-off and so I think he didn't know how to express himself clearly and I think it came out the wrong way and I think had he, could he do it all over again, I think his intention was to say hey, we're not like Pearl Jam, we're different, we know there's some comparisons in Scott's voice to Eddie Vedder and I talked to Scott and he takes that as a compliment." You know I think there's a better way to articulate that, but

Andy: Well he was drunk and fishing in a boat (Andy and Steve laugh)

Scott: Yeah, and you know but the thing is, Brian is doing well now and you know he's playing with Mark and his new band and you know, hopefully things are going well. But, that wouldn't be, if you're really friends with someone, you care about somebody you wouldn't kick them out of your band you know because they're having some problems. You'd be there and try to nurture them and try to help the get through whatever they're going through.

Andy: Well, your solo single is Relearn Love it's from The Passion of the Christ, Songs. Makes sense that you'd contribute a song, but who approached whom?

Scott: I was called by Mark Joseph, a man who represented Mel Gibson and Icon, for the film. They asked me if I would fly out to L.A., see the film and be interested in writing a song after I saw the film.

Andy: Well first of all, what did you think of the film. Because it made me cry and I think it made most people cry.

Scott: Yeah, it made me get emotional as well. I had a lot of different feelings you know, anger, depression.

Andy: You wrote the song after you saw the movie?

Scott: I finished the song. You know I was kinda going through a personal transformation in my life, you know. There were a lot of things about the music business itself that had made me jaded. It was kind of an emotional roller coaster ride and I get a lot of inspiration from my son. I had spent a lot of time with him during that time off and just kinda saw the purity of his heart and how he hadn't been jaded by the world yet and he was so naive and innocent and he loved so unconditionally and purely and I really wanted to get that back and I know you get always go back all the way. But that process started a kinda refocus on my upbringing with Christianity and my faith and it's ironic that that was going on in my personal life and then I get a call to do something for the film and so I almost kinda feel like the stars were aligned, you know, it was kind of a confirmation, so to speak, of where I was moving in my personal life. I believe there's a couple songs on there from people who don't believe in that, but still the song is based on what was your reaction to the film.

Andy: Right. Which had to be powerful.

Scott: Yeah, it definitely was

Andy: Speaking of contributions, I was wondering if you wouldn't mind kicking in 50 bucks for Win Some Money this morning.

Scott: (Laughs) Win Some Money. I lost a little bit on that Seattle game last night.

Steve: That was rough

(Everyone laughs)

Jody: Sorry about that.

Scott: I'm a big Alabama fan and Shaun Alexander, as you guys know, played at Alabama and so I was throwing stuff at the TV yesterday or day before yesterday, whenever.

Andy: You're a rock star: Bush or Kerry?

Scott: Bush or Kerry? Bush

Andy: 'Cause

Scott: Gosh there's a lot of different reasons.

Andy: Let's not get into it, that could be another hour.

Scott: Well, you know I feel more secure and then there's just some personal convictions that I agree with. This is a hard election for me, because I don't agree all the way with Bush. There's a lot of things I disagree on and there's a lot of things that I like about Kerry, but then there's things I disagree with him. When it comes down to it, it's such, that's why the country is so divided, I think because a lot of people probably feel the same way. But when it comes down to it, you know, I'm gonna cast my vote for Bush.

Andy: Alright. Scott Stapp, formerly of Creed, now on his own with Relearn Love, it's available now. It's a great song from Passion of the Christ Songs.

Scott: Thank you guys for having me.

Steve: Oh yeah

Andy: You were supposed to do a show here, you cancelled, you were supposed to do one in Vancouver

Scott: I actually, I had nodules on my vocal chords and callouses developing into nodules. You feel so bad when you cancel a show and I really had poor judgement and did that and it ended up effecting me in a negative way.

Andy: Well then, I think you should do a free show, like today at noon right outside the station.

Scott: You know, I agree with you on the free show. And a lot of people don't know this, but we, I've done that. Just to let anyone who cares out there know, my shows aren't gonna to change, you know in terms of

Andy: Are you going to do Creed songs?

Scott: Yeah. I'm gonna play the songs I wrote while I was in Creed, the greatest hits.

Jody: Would you like to perform out our miniature golf tournament on Thursday?

Scott: You know, if I wasn't doing radio promotions all over the country right now, I would love too, you know and

Jody: How about a party for six people in Big Rock Studio Apartment


Scott: Hey, if I'm around I will. But also know that Creed's Greatest Hits is coming out the end of this month.

Andy: Cool

Scott: And I want everyone to know too, when my record comes out, I'm still gonna playing all the songs I wrote while I was in Creed. And you know if you liked Creed, I think you're gonna like my stuff because I did write the songs in Creed and that sound

Andy: And Eddie Vedder only wishes he could write songs like you.

Jody: Andy, please.

Scott: Ahh, come on, come on, come on


Steve: You're fired, Andy

Scott: Listen I have much respect for that band, and they influenced me, and Ten really influenced me, I've been influenced.

Andy: I gotta tell you, you guys took a lot of crap as Creed for whatever you religious convictions or whatever but I gotta admire you for sticking with your convictions and not caving into that malarkey .

Scott: Well, thanks man. It's not always bad to be the butt of a joke 'cause some of the jokes are really funny. (Scott laughs)

Jody: That's what I keep telling Steve

Andy: Scott Stapp thank you very much for coming in the studio.

Scott: Thanks for having me, I appreciate it.

Andy: It's a pleasure finally meeting you and talking to you.

Scott: Yeah, and hopefully I'll see you guys next year when I'm on tour probably in February or March in support of my new record.

.Transcribed by Robyn