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News Archive: 2005

updated January 11 2006

Dec 21
Christmas Presents for Stapp Fans!
Lots of goodies in time for the holidays - especially the official launch of! Check out Scott's official fan site and join the mailing list! A fan club is coming soon with rewards for good Stapp fans. :) But we aren't to be outdone - enter our new contest for a chance to win an autographed Great Divide poster (thanks for the donation, Robyn!)

WWE gave our troops in Afghanistan a tribute, watch the video montage that features The Great Divide! Scott gives us a little idea of tour in this AIM Interview, and the perfect gift for a guitar player are these tabs of Surround Me (thanks Matt!).

Finally, we have screencaps from Regis & Kelly (thanks Robyn!), and you can head to to vote for your favorite song.
Nov 29
Rockin' Regis & Kelly
On Tuesday Scott and goneblind rocked an abbreviated version of The Great Divide - check out the video here! Also, Associated Press talks with Scott about the Creed breakup and a new beginning in Scott Stapp Closes the Book on Creed, while the LA Times finds out Scott's expectations for his album in Are Creed Fans' Arms Still Open?
Nov 26
Stapp on Leno
Here's the video of Scott singing The Great Divide on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, don't miss this impassioned performance! We've also got the screenshots, of course. Also, Matt has tabbed out The Great Divide for us - check it out, all you guitar players!
Nov 22
In Stores Now!
The day has finally come - the official release of The Great Divide! Head to your local retailer and pick up a copy or three, what a great Christmas gift! You can read what, Associated Press and UPI have to say about the album, and don't forget to tune into The Tonight Show tomorrow to see Scott perform TGD!
Nov 20
Oh, Say Can You See?
Scott rocked the national anthem today at the Ford 400 race, we've got the video and screenshots. He's also rocking publications with The Great Divide - here's reviews from People Magazine and the New York Post. Billboard Magazine also has an article on the upcoming release.

Don't miss your chance to win an autographed guitar and NASCAR jacket from NASCAR - check out their promo site for Scott and enter the contest! We've also got some new promo pics, E-Team members can check their email to find the special place they came from! And we have scans of the TGD liner notes (thanks nirvanagirl!).
Nov 17
More Interviews & Appearances
We have the audio to Pulse channel's interview with Scott on Sirius Radio - hear him talk about starting over, and his Cherokee influences. Scott's also co-hosting LA Lloyd's Rock 30 this weekend, find an affiliate near you! If you don't care to listen live, we've got it all ready to download, edited just to include Scott's parts.

Scott's also scheduled to appear on Live with Regis & Kelly on November 29, mark your calendars! And don't forget to tune in to the NASCAR Ford 400 to hear Scott sing the national anthem on Sunday the 20th, at 3pm EST on NBC. Finally, catch a few studio pics of Scott from his interviews with Octane and Mancow!
Nov 16
Hear The Great Divide NOW!
There are two ways you can hear TGD before it's released! South Florida fans can attend a listening party at the Hard Rock Casino in Hollywood, FL from 8-10pm Friday the 18th, and 20 lucky winners will get passes to a meet & greet with Scott! For those of us in the rest of the world, head on over to to Hear TGD First - and we grabbed the commercial so Scott could tell you himself.

There's more - we've got the interview with Sirius radio where Scott talks all about the new songs on TGD, and the Best Records page is up a day early, head on over to see the exclusive interview and performances of TGD and Surround Me! Pics are here. You can also get the E-Card from, and read about the endorsement with Buddha Amps by Scott's guitarists Artie Rincon and John Curry. Not to be left out, drummer Mark Archer is featured on Pearl Drum's website.
Nov 11
Scott on Leno Nov 23
According to VH1, Scott is scheduled to appear on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Wednesday, November 23 - be sure to tune in! We've also got a fun clip of Scott interacting with the guys from God's Pottery at the October 25 KROCK interview in New York. And don't miss the debut of TGD on VH1's Top 20 Countdown this weekend! Email a request here.

Also, head on over to the E-Team area of - they've got some cool fliers to download and post to help spread the word about the new album! And to reward yourself for your hard work, check out the new clips of Broken and You Will Soar in the Exclusive E-Team area!
Nov 9
Pre-Order The Great Divide
There's a plethora of ways to get your hands on The Great Divide! iTunes offers an exclusive interview and digital booklet for $9.99, includes an exclusive t-shirt for $24.99, has the album for $14.88, and for $10.99. You can also get the single as a digital download from, and iTunes. A big help for the single is writing positive reviews for iTunes and AOL and giving it a high rating at - let the world know how much you love it!

Scott also just inked a deal with for a "Best Records" campaign which will feature songs from the album and an exclusive video acoustic performance on The campaign includes a sweepstakes - the grand prize winner will receive a trip to see Scott in concert in Spring 2006! Read the press release for more info.
Nov 2
All New
Head on over to check out the brand new - now a full site with all sorts of cool tidbits, including a link to PBF! Welcome to all our new visitors! Over there you can check out an exclusive E-Team video: Behind the Scenes of The Great Divide Video. The E-Team's the place to be, as they also have new clips of Justify and Sublime up to hear; Fight Song and Surround Me music and lyrics are now available to everyone on or our own Song Bank. There's plenty of other cool stuff, too - take a look and be sure to email with some well-deserved feedback!

While Wind-Up's been busy with the official site, we've got a new photo of Scott playing softball with his regional team the Rockers, and we also have a brand new photo section for promotional photos - check it out!
Nov 1
Fight Song Exclusive Listen
Previews of 'Fight Song' and 'Surround Me' are up in the Exclusive area of the Scott Stapp E-Team! If you aren't already a member, sign up to get your first listen to these awesome songs! A full tracklist is available on, and check out the Cherokee-influenced album cover.

Scott came down with a fever last week and had to cancel his appearances on Kidd Kraddick and the Houston radio stations - we'll keep you posted on any rescheduled dates. For November, Scott will be on Sirius Radio's Octane channel on the 15th, at 6pm EST - you can get a free three-day online trial to listen in! To tide you over until then, we've got screen captures from The Great Divide video, and a transcript of Scott's interview with 101.1 The River in St. Louis, thanks to Robyn!
Oct 17
Scott on Kidd Kraddick
Tune in to Kidd Kraddick in the Morning from 9-11am EST on Wednesday the 19th to hear Scott as the celebrity guest host! Listen online at or see if your local station carries it. Also, the video for The Great Divide is now up on, and here's the transcript of the WMMS 100.7 interview, courtesy of Robyn.
Oct 13
More Interviews & Pics
The radio tour continues with a stop in St. Louis at 101.1 The River - you can listen to it here or look at the photos here! Scott sings a wonderful rendition of his new song Surround Me, and we've got the unofficial lyrics. We also now have audio of the WMMS 100.7 interview last week in Cleveland. Finally, don't miss the shots of Scott in Chicago for 101.9 The Mix, or for Q104 in Cleveland!
Oct 12
Great Divide, Surround Me, NASCAR
We have lots of new videos! First of all, head over to and check out the music video for The Great Divide - it's available exclusively to E-Team members, so be sure to sign up! Also, over the weekend Scott's commercial with NASCAR debuted, and you can watch it here.

Scott was in Chicago yesterday, hanging out with Mancow on Q101's Mancow's Morning Madhouse. You can listen to the entire show (thanks rdhull!) or soon we'll have just Scott's part. He also did a private acoustic show at Chicago's House of Blues for 101.9 The Mix - don't miss the bootleg video of new song Surround Me!

Finally, a few pictures from Scott's visit to Cleveland's WMMS 100.7, and last but not least, the new promo shot which appeared on a card given to those who attended the House of Blues performance.
Oct 1
Radio Dates & More
We have news of two appearances for Scott's upcoming radio tour: Oct. 6 at Columbus, OH's Mix 97.1 and Oct. 11 at Chicago's House of Blues for 101.9 The Mix (thanks Ryan)! Check out their websites for your chance to win tickets, and let us know if you hear about any others! has a review of the single that you can read here, and Hit Parader included Scott on its list of Heavy Metal's All-Time Top 100 Stars (thanks SuzyQ69!), read what they have to say in the Rock Zone!

Be sure to do your part to promote The Great Divide by calling and requesting it at your local radio stations, and picking up cool banners and icons at You can now pre-order the album at Music Today and get a free digital download of the single, or pre-order from and help support PBF.
Sep 24
Start Your Engines
The publicity machine is revving up as word is out about a partnership between Scott, Wind-Up and NASCAR! Scott and The Great Divide will be featured in commercials during the Chase for the NASCAR Nextel Cup this fall, and Scott will be singing the national anthem at the Ford 400 race on November 20. You can read the full press release, the MTV article or Rolling Stone's coverage.

AOL has the album cut of The Great Divide, which includes some extra guitar work which isn't heard in the radio cut. Great Divide is already getting some great airplay: #1 on Music Choice's Rock channel, the Most Requested Song on WCBR 92.7 Chicago, and getting wonderful support on 94.7 The Zone in Chicago. The Zone also informs us that tour is set to begin in March, and Scott also talks a bit about his influences in Solo Release Date.
Sep 7
It Has Begun
The Great Divide is everywhere! Music clips are being posted to various music biz sites, but the best is to be found at - which has a full update with news, music clips, cool downloads and more! You can read the lyrics here (thanks, nirvanagirl!), and if you don't like the RM or WMV formats on, we've got an mp3 download available for you. And you can now pre-order The Great Divide from!
Aug 25
Behind the Scenes
Scott's been busy putting the finishing touches on his album and shooting the video for the first single, both of which are titled The Great Divide. MTV caught up with him on the video set in Los Angeles, and you can read the article here, where Scott talks about the past and the future and shares some info on what his album will sound like.

Back in Miami, Scott's sound engineer John Thomas (or JT) managed to get some candid studio pictures and posted them to his website for all of us to enjoy.
Aug 15
The Great Divide
Scott Stapp's single, "The Great Divide," will be released to rock radio on September 26-27 according to (thanks julio)! It will be the lead single to his album, which will be in stores November 22. Currently the music video for The Great Divide is in production, and a radio tour is planned for October in support of the single

To keep you busy while you wait, our bulletin board members can download the West Palm Beach Creed concert from November 2, 2002 (thanks Miguel!). There's also new videos in the Video Rotation, check them out!
July 6
Charisma Magazine & More
This month's issue of Charisma Magazine features an interview with Scott - as usual, we have the article and the photos! Also be sure to check out the photographs from the Crockett Foundation Gala in June, where Scott supported disadvantaged youth in South Florida.

On the album front, according to it will drop in November, be sure to check out the site and sign up for the e-team! We've also got our July round of videos up over in Rotation, and our message board members can download the full version of Scott's acting debut on Canadian TV's Big Sound.
June 2
Taking Care of Business
In mid-May Scott paid a visit to Wind-Up Records and performed a half-dozen finished songs for them, and the word from them is that they're thrilled with the results! The remaining songs are getting polished in the studio, and a fall release is still anticipated.

While we're eagerly awaiting the new album, we've updated the Video Rotation page with some new goodies, and our message board members can download the video of Creed's performance at the KROQ Dysfunctional Family Picnic in Holmdel, NJ on June 23, 2000.
May 10
It's Getting Hot in Here
It's the Miami Heat, of course! We've got the photo of Scott enjoying their playoff win from courtside. While he took some downtime, we've been spending ours by updating the Video Rotations section. We've also got a new concert video posted for our bulletin board members - Mesa, AZ from November 1998. If you aren't a member, sign up, it's easy!

We'd also like to congratulate Scott and the rest of the Passion: Songs ensemble on their Dove Award for Special Event Album of the Year! And if you missed it last time, don't forget to check out Scott's new website, Friends of Scott Stapp.
April 13
Friends of Scott Stapp
Check out the official fansite for Scott Stapp - Friends of Scott Stapp! It's just a page for now, but that will be changing, and you can read a letter to the fans where Scott talks a bit about where he's been, where he's going, and what the new music will be like!

The latest on the album: it will drop in August or September, with the first single scheduled to release in June or July. Be prepared for some awesome music!
April 12
Foxx-y Collaboration
The buzz is building for Jamie Foxx's album, 'Southern Gentleman', and while a track list hasn't been released, Scott's collaboration with the Oscar-winner is getting plenty of notice, too. VH1 reports.

We've also kept busy here at PBF - we've got new videos in the Rotation section, and we've also expanded the PBF realm! Check out - right now it's just a page (and lots of storage space!) but soon should be a cool mirror site for PBF. For now, we're using the space to host a full video bootleg of the 7/27/02 East Rutherford, NJ Creed concert for our message board members!
Mar 25
Happy Anniversary, PBF!
Though the website has only been around since July, today marks the first anniversary of the PBF Bulletin Board! To celebrate, we've got several goodies

First, with many thanks to Jojo of Mix 106.5 in Baltimore, we have an interview portion and an acoustic performance of Higher from Scott's radio tour in October!

Second, we've got a bunch of articles that are old to the press but new to PBF: February 1999 Kerrang, March 1999 Kerrang, and November 1999 Guitar World. Be sure to check these out!
Mar 13
Vegas, NASCAR and Scott
As reported on the message board last week, Scott spent the weekend in Las Vegas at the UAW-Daimler Chrysler 400 race, taking in some racing and filming a commercial for Nascar. The commercial will feature Scott interacting with some Nascar drivers and crew, as well as music from his new album! We'll let you know when you can expect it to air. While he was there, Scott took a moment away from interacting with fans to chat with the Speed Channel - we've got the video and screen shots!

Also, the solo album is proceeding with recording in full force as Scott and goneblind are getting comfortable in their new studio! The album is tentatively due in August.
Feb 19
Getting Ready to Record
While Scott's been busy in the studio, assembling the best equipment to begin recording his album, we've been busy here! Check out our new section of PBF, The Zone - full of cool trivia facts and some contributions by you, our members! We've also updated our video rotation section.

Also, The Passion of the Christ: Songs has been nominated for a Dove Award for Special Event Album of the Year! Congratulations!

We also celebrated our 500th member joining the bulletin board, and gave away some prizes to our regulars - congratulations to Sheila, Julie, Susan, Michelle, Rose and Sharree!
Jan 21
2004 Retrospective
Congratulations to Creed's Greatest Hits for surpassing the platinum mark in sales!

It is our pleasure to present to you this video retrospective of 2004, produced by our own Elaine Delvaux. Be sure to download it and enjoy the journey that Scott took us through in the year 2004!

Finally, announcing our first contest of the year, a crossword puzzle of Scott trivia, for the first prize of an autographed lyric sheet of 'With Arms Wide Open' and runner-up prizes of an issue of New Man Magazine featuring an interview with Scott.
Jan 6
A Gala Occasion
Happy 2005 from PBF! Scott rang in the new year at the Opium Garden and Prive 2005 New Year's Eve party in Miami Beach, and then traveled to New York City for 8th annual Muscular Dystrophy Association's Muscle Team 2005 Gala at Chelsea Piers on January 4. The New York Times covered the event (thanks, Chris!) and we have photos from the red carpet and inside the event.

There's also a new article in New Man Magazine where Scott talks about how the events of the past two years have changed his perspective on his childhood, parenting, and faith. Thanks to Denny M.! Finally, Creed's Greatest Hits went gold this week with total sales of 548,948.