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News Archive: 2006

updated January 4 2007

Nov 21
Brother of Mine
After September 11, 2001, the band Virgos - led by Creed's touring bassist Brett Hestla - wrote and recorded a song called Brother of Mine in tribute to the lives sacrificed that day. While it was long said that Scott provided backing vocals to the song, a recording of that version never came to light - until PBF member julio dug it up on Virgos fansite! You can listen to Scott and Brett sharing lead vocals here, and read the lyrics to this powerful song.

Also, we at PBF would like to wish everyone a very happy Thanksgiving, filled with family, food, fun, and football! (Go Dallas!) May you all be blessed this holiday season.
Oct 3
Staying in Tune
Despite not being on the road, Scott's keeping in practice: first, he performed an acoustic set for an NFL VIP party on September 6, and we've got the pictures! Then he went to the Walter Reed Hospital in D.C. to lend some encouragement to wounded troops, and performed at a NASCAR-sponsored dinner. You can read the article, see the photos and even watch a video clip.

But downtime is meant for having fun, and Scott shares some of his favorite ways with E! Entertainment's 101 Guiltiest Guilty Pleasures, check out the video clips.

And finally, we at PBF have not been idle - two checks totalling $549.58 have been sent to the Scott Stapp Foundation this week, thanks to generous contributions by the band My Own I and our wonderful members!
Aug 25
Summer Drawing to a Close
We have some items from this summer which are just now coming to the surface: Scott's interview with LA Lloyd, recorded on June 27, is now available for download. We also have his performance of Surround Me on CD USA with screenies here, and a lovely review in Impulse Magazine of an acoustic set the band did in Arizona.

The Scott Stapp Foundation website has been updated with some photos and now has a way to donate online! Please help Scott on his quest to serve those in need. Finally, as of now the tour for The Great Divide has concluded. We will keep you informed of any changes.
Aug 1
Conclusion of PBF Interview
This update brings the final part of the PBF interview, where Scott talks about being on the road with his family and band, and receives a donation to the Scott Stapp Foundation in memory of PBF member Sharron Taylor.

We also have an interview and photos with Risen Magazine, where Scott gets personal about his upbringing, how he responds to mistakes, and courting his lovely wife Jaclyn.
July 17
Interviews & Interludes
Scott talks about working with his new band in Part 5 of the PBF interview - and attempts (with some success) to describe each of his new bandmates in only one word. Back in May, Scott reminisced about his hometown with Orlando's O-Rock, download it here (thanks, Tim!). We also have an acoustic performance of four songs from 104.9 The Edge in Albany!
July 12
Congrats, Scott & Jaclyn!
Scott answered fan questions and talked about the changes in his life on Rockline - including the fact that he's going to be a father again! Our congratulations to Scott, Jaclyn and Jagger!

Tim came across some May pictures from 104.9 The Edge in Albany, including some of Scott and his oldest child, thanks Tim!
July 9
"It Changed My Life"
In Part 4 of the PBF interview, Scott talks about his past relationship with his Creed bandmates, how he deals with the constant questions, and what's made him truly happy.

To hear more questions from fans, tune in to Rockline Monday at 8:30-10pm PST - find an affiliate near you or listen online. And don't forget you can call in with your own questions! 1-800-344-ROCK

Last but not least, Len put together some gorgeous wallpapers for your desktop! We also have a few more photos from Mix 96.9's acoustic show, and some shots from the March 13 concert in Ft. Worth, TX.
July 3
CD USA, Exclusive, & More
This update brings lots of video! First up is Part 3 of the PBF interview, where Scott talks about being in his head too much - and what he really thinks about fans who attend multiple shows! Then he answers some of the usual questions in these video interviews with and Showbuzz. Finally, we have the video of his interview and performance on CD USA (thanks Robyn!).

Tour with INXS closed successfully to some very enthusiastic crowds in Texas, and we've got some photos from Austin and Houston! Now it's time for a break, with tour set to resume in August.
June 27
PBF Exclusive: Part 2
We're continuing the PBF interview with Scott with Part 2, where Scott talks about his creative process, plans for his second album, and learning to change his behavior patterns. If you missed Part 1, you can download it here!

In an interview from May, Scott and Chicago's Jonathan Brandmeier take a more light-hearted approach to the infamous Chicago show and sex tape scandal. We've also got some photos: new shots from CD USA (video coming soon!), an acoustic performance with Phoenix's Mix 96.9, and some fantastic images from the Las Vegas show on the 23rd.
June 20
Exclusive Interview!
Scott was generous enough to grant PBF an exclusive interview on June 18 in Los Angeles - thank you so much, Scott! In this first of six parts, Scott shares his thoughts on PBF. He also appeared on Access Hollywood: the transcript is here, screencaps are here, and video is here!

We've also got some new articles, from the Fresno Bee and the Valley Chronicle. And don't miss some great pictures of the recent concerts in Sacramento [page 1] [page 2] and Los Angeles!

Scott's interview and performance of Justify on CD USA has been bumped to Saturday, June 24, don't miss it on DirecTV channel 101! If you don't have DirecTV, we'll have it available for download here.
June 8
Public Appearances
All you SoCal people, don't miss Scott performing for DirecTV's CD USA program in Los Angeles on Thursday, June 15! Tickets are free and you can get them here. It will air Saturday, June 17. Also, Scott will be throwing the opening pitch for the Arizona Diamondbacks on June 24 - tune in to FSN to watch! And come July 10, Scott will be the guest on Rockline, we'll remind you all to call in with your questions.

Justify is now at radio, and the best thing you can do for Scott is to request it at your local rock station! Find your local request line here, and keep after them to give it some serious spins! Finally, we've got a few pics from Scott's show in Kelowna, British Columbia - see them here.
June 3
Something Old, Something New
Scott returns to the U.S. today after a stint in Canada, winning new fans all the way! While he's been gone we've unearthed some interviews from early in the year: don't miss this Voice of America video interview, or Scott's conversation with AP's Celebrity Focus. There's also some more photos from the early U.S. tour: Chicago and Indianapolis, as well as a short video clip from Indy (thanks, Ann Marie!).

More recently, a number of newspaper interviews have been published as Scott's been hitting different cities - read them from the Calgary Sun, San Francisco Chronicle, and the Herald (Everett, WA).

Best of all, we have a new single - get on the phone, call your radio station, and request Justify today!
May 25
Singing in the Rain
We at PBF are mourning the loss of beloved member Sharron Taylor (Hopi Spirit). In memory of her bright spirit and compassion for others, we are accepting donations in her honor for the Scott Stapp Foundation. Paypal donations can be directed here or contact us to send a check.

Scott was among 'family' at Q104 in Cleveland, listen to him chat with DJ John Connor about local events and Jagger, take phone calls from fans, and give the weather report! Thanks for the interview, John! You can also check out the webcast of Scott's interview with Mix 101.9 in Chicago, attended by four PBFers!

We've got lots of new pictures; the band and crew at rehearsal in Cleveland, at Mix 101.9 in Chicago, and some fantastic live shots from the Indianapolis concert. Finally, Scott talks with the Minneapolis Star-Tribune about his accomplishment of three and a half months sober!
May 21
Rock Star Moments
On Wednesday Scott was interviewed by Cleveland's Wilde & Fee - and two PBF co-owners, Frankie and Elaine! Listen to the interview for their "rock star moment" - many thanks to Allan Fee! Allan's been very kind to us, as you can read on his blog. Also, PBF members Erin and Yarzi were invited to see Scott record a 45-minute set for XM Radio; we'll let you know when it's set to air! Finally, Scott got a "rock star moment" of his own as the honorary starter for the Indy 500 Bump Day - see the pics.

We're getting great feedback already on Scott's guest performances for INXS - look for a date near you. He also made an impression on Cleveland's WKYC-TV, watch the interview and see him perform Surround Me and Sublime. And get ready, Chicago - on May 23 he'll be doing a private show for 101.9 The Mix, tune in at 2pm CST, followed by a show that evening. Somewhere in there Scott found time to attend the Baltimore Orioles game on May 13, you can see some pics here.
May 17
Media Mania
Scott's kept busy wowing DJs everywhere! Check out his confessional to Atlanta's Q100 (thanks, Connie!), a more laid-back chat with 98 Rock in Baltimore (thanks, Sharron!), and don't miss the six-song acoustic set at Detroit's WRIF, featuring the first-ever live performance of Broken! (thanks, Julie!) [pics]

He's not slowing down, either - he'll be in Cleveland today, on WKYC-TV between 10-11am. If you record it, please let us know! Also on Thursday he'll be on the Wilde & Fee morning show on Cleveland's Q104. For the rest of America, Scott's the honorary starter at the Indy 500 Bump Day Qualifier on Sunday.

Still more exciting news: there's been a new show added in Santa Barbara on June 14, and there's a new e-card available on Finally, due to continuing interest, we're taking orders for PBF shirts! The deadline is May 21, so place your order now! All profit to the Scott Stapp Foundation.
May 5
I Do Not Have to Justify...
Scott's hitting the radio circuit again, already doing two outstanding no-holds-barred interviews with Tampa's 98 Rock and Orlando's Real Rock 101. In Tampa Scott shares more than ever before about the infamous Chicago show. In Orlando, WJRR's Buckethead described the interview as the best he's ever been a part of! You can also see pictures from the Orlando interview. And don't miss Scott co-hosting Mancow's Morning Madness on Monday, May 8 - listen live at

The spirit of Scott's latest interviews is in keeping with his latest single: Justify. It'll be released May 29 - get ready to start requesting airplay!

We've also got a new interview with LiveDaily to check out. Finally, if you hear of Scott doing an interview on a radio station near you, let us know and we'll do our best to get it!
Apr 26
Special Guest: Scott Stapp
Some shuffling has gone on with Scott's tour schedule, unfortunately resulting in the cancelation of the international tour. However, instead of Europe and Australia, Scott will now be touring Canada and the U.S. West Coast as the special guest of INXS! Check out all the new dates!

We also have a plethora of new material to read: articles Scott's New Creed and Rocker Stapp shaking his old ways; album reviews from,, and (thanks, JP!); and find out how Scott's winter tour provided some 244,000 meals for hungry children!

Also, get to know a bit more about Scott's new band: check out the interview with guitarists Artie Rincon and John Curry, an alumnus profile on bassist Mitch Burman, and see what drummer Mark Archer is playing on.
Mar 29
Catching Up
While Scott takes a well-earned break from tour, we're still playing catch-up with everything that's happened - first, for European fans, look at the newest tour dates for a show near you! Also, don't miss Scott's hilarious interview with Las Vegas's Mix 94.1, or listen to him chat with Washington D.C.'s Mix 107.9. We've also got some wonderful video clips of the Houston concert, watch Scott perform Bullets, Let Me Go, and Justify - thanks Lora! There are several good articles to read: In Step with Stapp, On Sinking Sand? and His Own Prison, examining the ups and downs of Scott's year. Finally, this tour has produced a large amount of incredible photographs, both from the pros and the fans - there's too many generous people and too many shows to name, so just take a look at the In Concert photo archive!
Mar 12
On the Road Again
Scott's tour continues to blow people away; experience a taste for yourself with these wonderful live videos shot by Terri at the D.C. and Atlantic City concerts! There's also a few new tour dates for our friends Down Under. With tour has come a fair share of media attention: check out articles by Rag Magazine, Cleveland Plain Dealer, Detroit News, Dallas News, and the Arizona Republic. The Orlando Sentinal writes about Scott's generosity to local charities on his tour. You can read an album review in the Illinois Entertainer and a concert review of the D.C. show in the Washington Post; we also have the transcript of a press conference from immediately before tour. There's radio interviews by 93.3 The Bone in Dallas, and Aussie-based And finally, spruce up your desktop with some wonderful new wallpapers! Thanks to everybody who submitted!
Feb 25
Thank You, Scott!
We'd like to congratulate Scott on an incredible launch to his tour in Orlando and Atlanta! During the encore of opening night in Orlando, Scott was gracious enough to thank PBF for understanding and supporting him "through thick and thin". In Atlanta, Scott met with some fans after the show and personally accepted a donation of $240 for the Scott Stapp Foundation from the generous members of PBF! We would like to thank Scott for hanging in there and coming back to us - you were greatly missed, and we're so very happy to see you back!
Feb 13
Scott & Jaclyn Stapp
We at PBF would like to offer our congratulations to Scott and his family! On Friday, February 10, he was married to Jaclyn Nesheiwat at a beautiful ceremony in Miami. We send our best wishes to the couple for a long and happy life together!
Jan 26
Fan club now open!
The Scott Stapp Fan Club is now open for registration, be sure to join for access to pre-sale tickets, contests, interaction and more! The site is wonderful and promises to be top-notch when completed. Scott's been out and about, talking about the Scott Stapp Foundation with news commentary program The Point - watch the three-part interview here or look at the screenies here (thanks, Seeker_1306!). The Launch interview and performance of The Great Divide are also now available.

Not to be left out of the excitement, our own Elaine Delvaux has created the 2005 Retrospective, a video looking back on Scott Stapp's 2005! And we are proud to make available the first PBF t-shirts - check out our order form for more info on styles. All profit from the shirts will be donated to the Scott Stapp Foundation.
Jan 14
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Scott gets brutally honest in a new Rolling Stone interview, titled Scott Stapp's Fall from Grace. He's not letting his past drag down his future, though - apparent in the rebirth of his charity, the Scott Stapp Foundation (formerly With Arms Wide Open Foundation). Check out their new website and learn more about what you and Scott can do to help children in crisis.

Tour's getting underway, with a pre-sale announced for concert tickets on 1/17! They're still getting the details worked out, but keep checking Friends of Scott Stapp and Ticketmaster for updates. You can also read the news release about Scott's new solo tour!
Jan 11
New Year, New Tour, New Life
We have tour dates!!!! First stop is Orlando, check the schedule to see if there's a show near you! Stay tuned, more are sure to come - Pontiac tix go on sale on the 21st on Ticketmaster.

Just to whet your appetite, we've got the video of Scott's exclusive acoustic performance of The Great Divide on Live@Launch - stay tuned for the interview on the 15th!

And finally, congratulations are in order! Scott has announced his engagement to the lovely Jaclyn Nesheiwat, with the wedding set for February 10. Our very best wishes to them for a long and happy life together!

Our congratulations also extend to Scott as The Great Divide has been certified platinum by the RIAA for 1 million units shipped!