For one of our contests, we asked our message board users what they would like to say to Scott, using 100 words or less. Here are their responses. If you have something to add, email us!

Kim, Sacramento, CA

As I read through all of the fan's sentiments, I too echo most of the same feelings about Scott Stapp. For me, it's not only about his talent, his lyrics, his passion, etc. For me, it's about Scott being real. He's real in every sense of the word. He's taken the predictable path of musician getting caught up in the limelight, so to speak. He has battled addictions and has problems just like everyone else. What I most admire about Scott is that he's shown he's not flawless and his lyrics speak volumes of his own self realizations. I can only hope that he continues to fight the battle of addiction and continues to set good examples for his children, Jagger and Milan, and all of the other people that he's deeply influenced.

Sandy, Northfield, CT

Never before has any band ever reached out and grabbed me like Creed and Scott Stapp have. Scott’s music has touched me in a way that no other music has. His songs are so passionate…you can really tell he is a man of faith. Thanks, Scott, for your uplifting music…it really lifts me “Higher”!

Ian Gilbraith

Most people who talk about their favorite music artist usually pour out some monologue about how much their music has affected their life, how it's gotten them through some tough times, etcetera. I hate having to suffer other people with my emotions, so I'll just say what I mean: Scott Stapp has been my favorite musician since before I even knew who Creed was. On March 18, 2006, I forced my mom to drive me 150 miles from Tucson to Tempe to see him in concert. I found a place to stand about 5 feet from the stage, and stood there in absolute silence with my arms folded together for the entire two hours. My cousin, who stood in front of me, did likewise, but only because he had never heard a song produced by Scott Stapp in his life. I can say that was the greatest night in my life, whatever people may have thought about me.

It was only after that concert that my mom decided to tell me a little about Scott's background; how he had rebelled against his parents, gotten involved with drugs and everything--and how he had used writing as his outlet. I am no musician, but I've been a writer for longer than I can remember. I think this is why I hold him in such high respects. He didn't write songs for the fame, he did it because it was what he liked to do and what he was good at. So I try to model myself after him in that partition, and hope other aspiring writers can do the same. Who knows--maybe your passion will breed followers as well.


I have to tell you our family are avid Creed/Scott fans. His voice is from heaven! His lyrics as well. Not sure how much space I have here to write, but want to say, his music has meant so much to our family. Years ago, when Arms Wide Open came out, our son Aaron called me crying with tears of joy, and said Mom, have you heard With Arms Wide Open yet, I said of course, he said Mom, this is our song, you are such an awesome Mom, and this song made me think of how much you love me. You Stand Here With Me, is my hubbie and I's song, and while I was going through therpay years ago, nasty child-hood, many of Scott's songs were like an anthem to me. The lyrics just so powerful, seemed like they were written just to help me through that last leg of therapy. Scott, God gave you a talent to reach out to peeps, and thank God, you took your calling and ran with it! May God bless you, and all yours, keep rocking, you make a difference!


What Scott Stapp's music mean to me, Its very upleaveing when am down I play The Great Divide and Broken they are very good great songs. My youth pastor in Florida played Broken one night and everyone cried and prayed it was great. I can't wait for his next solo album its going to be awesome I can't wait for it.

Eric Kaster

Scott Stapp's music means a lot to me. I heard Creed soon after I began a difficult time in my life. The music and lyrics I heard inspired me. I was able to deal with the pressures of life a lot better. That is something he has not lost throughout his career. I hope he keeps cranking out those tunes for a long time to come and keeps getting his message across. Thanks.

Julie, Birmingham

Scott is so passionate about his music, it is impossible not to be passionate about his music too. His music takes you to a different place. I like that he always does unpredictable things at his concerts which makes them more exciting. It is a lot of fun to sing with his songs on his CDs. His creativity, charisma, and confidence are the reasons why he will always succeed in his music.

Stirling O.

Scott's music is the very best kind of Christian. I won't call it Christian rock. But it has values, love and other such lessons taught in all of them. He is the mainspring for my writing style. I have a very broad spectrum of musical interests, but all of my passion for music is rooted in my first few experiences with Scott's music.

Anna, Italy

There is truth in your lyrics. They speak the struggle, doubt and confusion of a weary mind, but also the courage and hope of a strong human being who has faith in life.

There is truth in your lyrics, truth meant to be embraced or misunderstood, but not ignored. And that truth deserves respect.

Tresa, Abilene, TX

Scott, you live your life as a man, an artist, a Believer, and a father with such authenticity and integrity, you inspire me beyond measure. Your words break His Word open for me, and guide me to strength and hope every day of my life. Know that I, like many others, stand with you through the trials and triumphs along your way in life. You are never alone, and you have my eternal gratitude for your gift, your spirit, and your humanity. God's anointing has been upon your life from inception, and my prayer is only that His blessing be like a fountain upon your life.

Carolyn, Broken Arrow, OK

If I ever had the chance to talk to Scott Stapp, I would tell him mainly what his words have meant to me. From the moment I purchased My Own Prison, I've been hooked. Every lyric Scott Stapp has written has meant something to me personally. It's funny how "One Last Breath" would be a song I could listen to when I felt like I was going nuts at work, or at home. Then, when I lost a dear friend, that song totally changed in meaning to me. It made me think about how fragile life is. I would tell Scott to keep writing those songs!!

Connie, Alberta, Canada

Years from now, what do you want to be remembered for?

'Word Child', Gloucester, UK

On the water, you sang about My Friend and Perfect Love. You took refuge in the Strong Tower, stood in the Eagle's Nest, ready to soar! You longed for Golden Streets! Faithful Man!

In a parched land, you sang as the Rock crumbled beneath you. You beheld your love sacrificed to demons. Worn down to the ground, the psalmist-prophet fell. We wept. But, see, Faith is substance!

Now, with you, we sing a New Song, humble and true. Unencumbered now, you'll Higher fly, on Eagle's Wings. May God guard you from devils and last breaths. Faithful Man!


I'd thank him for sharing his voice with the world. His voice gave me comfort when all I wanted to do was give up.


Scott, Thank you so very much for all the songs, they all mean so much to me and will forever be in my heart. Its your passion, voice and words, that made you my favorite singer, and drew me to Creed. You have alot of fans in this world, please, always remember that we all love you very much and we will have your back, forever. I wish you all the best. Lots of love to you.

Tracey, Gloucester Pt., VA

Mr. Stapp, Not only as a fan, but as a fellow Christian and a mother, I am sure you know that being a parent is one of the hardest yet rewarding jobs. I think it is so important to teach our children about Christ. Starting when they are young , is the best time to begin. I want to know that when I stand before God I can honestly say I tried my best to teach them about the Lord as well as teaching them right from wrong which all ties in together. Our children are a gift from God and we are blessed. "Thanks be to God for his gift that is too wonderful for words." 2 Corinthians 9:15

Rose Anne, Queens, NY

Scott, 3 yrs ago my younger son tried to commit suicide, he spent a week in the mental health ward. Your music got me thru a really rough time in my life, just listening to your words and your voice helped me immensely. I sat there at times and cried and said why is God doing this to me. Then I realized I was in "my own prison" and that my son's demons were his own and not mine. He is now better and trying to get his life in order. I am eternally grateful to you and your music and your words.

Sheila, Bloomfield, CT

Scott, your lyrics and music have touched my life. They have given me comfort during the hard times and when I'm feeling good, they make me feel even better. They have helped me confront my fears, to grow as a person and to be more comfortable being myself around other people. So thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you have brought to my life. You've given me music that has touched my soul. You are a truly gifted songwriter and I wish you much success, both personally and professionally, health and happiness.

Teresa, Lindenwold, NJ

Scott I have always wanted to let you know how your music has touched my life and has helped me threw many a tough time.I get great inspiration from the lyrics in your music.I have always loved the driving music and the great rock feel,but to me the lyrics are what drew me in.I have gotten so much hope and strength from your words.I have had a rough go of it the past few years and MOP really saved my life.You prolly hear that a lot, for many it is so true. Thank You.


I want to say, no matter what happens in your life from here forward. Be proud of who you are and what you have accomplished. You have touched so many lives by just being brave enough to express your deepest feelings. You gave me hope and instilled a dream in my heart, and you helped me breathe through some of the toughest years of my life. There just are no words to explain the depth of this. I hope you find all the happiness life has to offer, I think you are a wonderful father and a wonderful role model.

Lora, Houston, TX

You'll never know how you and your lyrics have made such an impact on my life. Your words never fail to lift my spirits. I've had the pleasure of seeing you perform live on two occasions, both times I walked away so touched by your passion and ability to make everyone feel one with you. Thus began my deep admiration for you and your art. Everyone goes through life changing events, even those as courageous as you. I now have inspiration to shut old doors and look forward to opening new ones, your passion truly does breed followers.

Julie, Toledo, OH

I fell in love with the music of Creed, but it was you that drew me in closer, the man behind the lyrics of Creed, a man sharing so many of the same questions/concerns/beliefs as me. Your music's been with me through life's ups and downs, encouraging me to chase after my dreams and achieve great accomplishments. Thank you Scott ... you've touched my soul.

I'm confident you'll take the world by storm with your upcoming solo career, you seem to have the innate ability to stir passionate emotions in so many. I sincerely wish you the best of luck.

Dawn, Bensenville, IL

What I have to say may seem very ordinary, but the thought behind it is not. Thank You! For your voice, passion and lyrics that have touched my heart, and soul for many years. Unfortunately, I've only seen Creed once, but I walked away that night with a greater understanding that we are all just human beings . Scott, I'm a firm a believer that things happen for a reason. Maybe Creed had to break away so you could regain back your health and happiness. I'll forever cherish in my heart the memories, and friends I have made because of Creed.

Martha, Houston, TX

Thank you for the undeniable gift of your music. The depth and sincerity of your lyrics is a gift. Delivery through your unmistakably sincere and soulful voice of such agonizingly beautiful and emotion-drenched poetry is a gift. Your songs resonate in me and touch me always. The source of such a gift must surely be worth meeting and speaking with – even briefly doing so would be an honor and, dare I say it again, a gift.

Sarah, Tampa, FL

I may not be your biggest fan, and I may not have ever seen you in concert, but your songs, your lyrics, your passion and your personality have affected my life more than that of any other person. No matter what tough situation life brings me, you have a song for that. I can take those words, and just the way you want it to be, make them fit to my circumstance. The way you live your life is inspirational. You have helped me learn to be open, at the right times, bold, determined, and most of all, passionate. Thank you.

Colin, Caldwell, ID

If I could say anything to Scott, all I would need to say is thank you. "I'll give you everything I am and still fall short of what you've done for me." It was because of the chorus of Inside Us All that I am still alive today. If I hadn't heard it faintly when I nearly committed suicide, I would not know all I have fought to become. Thank you, Scott. I've let the peace inside of me become my best friend, instead of my worst enemy, and I will always carry on.

Janet, Allentown, PA

I just wanted to say how much enjoyment I get from your songs. Your music purveys, no matter what the situation in our lives, to keep going on by grace and the convictions of the inner spirit. I look forward to hearing more of your contributions as an artist in the future.

Andrea, Derry, NH

Thanks for the music and the passion!

Shay, Painesville, OH

Mr. Stapp, Mine I guess would be a question for you. Hopefully not to personal. In an interview you once stated that your little boy has created his own band. Very adorable! So my question is, knowing what you know about the music business, is that a career choice you would want for him? Or would you try to dissuade him? Children are wishful thinkers and obviuosly you are his mentor so it is only natural he would want to follow your talent. Ultimately we decide our own career paths but if you could would you change his?

Saxon, Wanette OK

Scott, for everything you've done for me, I could never repay. You're my role model, and I greatly admire you. The lyrics you have written and then passionately filled with your voice never become old. When I am down, I can pop in anything you have musically created and it either reassure's me that I am not alone in the way I feel, or it makes me feel wonderful. Many things you have written or said I have applied to my own life, and I feel like each time I do I am bettering myself, for that I thank you.

Sharee, Wanette OK

Scott, over the last few years, Creed's music has played a major role in my life. The lyrics of the songs that you have written have helped me find much peace in my own heart. I just want to say thank you for being the person you are and for bearing your soul to your fans. You are such a breath of fresh air into this world of deception, and a great role model and inspiration to us all. Once again, thank you.