John Ellis and Double-Wide – Puppet Mischief

Whimsical and imaginative explains John Ellis & Double-Wide – Puppet of double bass. Mischief, which employs the group’s New Orleans musicianship to flip memories out of John’s youth experiences into innovative audio.

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John Ellis & Double-Wide – Puppet Mischief has been created by John Ellis and published about the Obliq Sound tag; that marks the next launch of John Ellis with Double-Wide. Puppet Mischief layers in John’s New Orleans music sway together with his childhood experiences of carnivals, state fairs, and clowns to make an assemblage of audio which will have you smiling, laughing, and out of time-to-time scratching your mind.

John Ellis and Double-Wide Review

John’s arrangements using the inimitable sounds of a sousaphone, organ, bass clarinet, harmonica, and trombone are joyous, fanciful, creative, and artistic. The opening track, Okra & Tomatoes is a drama on life’s best pairings and opens using a crying horn section that resembles the siren of the large Top beckoning one to step-right-up and come-on-in the series is just going to start. O

opening the door to a world where reality has taken a rest, the group jazzes up the center sections and receives the audience warmed up to the consequent tracks. The monitor Fauxfessor is a frolic New Orleans design where each turn gives a new musical experience.

Dewey Dah is a melancholic monitor that coerces the listener to a sense of dread and bewilderment. John’s usage of this tenor saxophone layered across the sousaphone and heart thumping drum beat complemented from the organ interludes assembles to a fitting crescendo.

Now Double-Wide has got your focus they roll in the title track Puppet Mischief, and mischief is exactly what they produce with a little bit of mockery blended in with a little bit of silliness encapsulated by Gregoire Maret’s superb harmonica work.

The monitor Carousel draws its influence by the noises of the Midway as well as the music which attracted audiences to the displays, games, and rides. He performs with the listener creating a sense of amazement and astonishment from a midnight background.

He transitions into the trail Dubinland Carnival that brings similarity to the barker calling out another series,” hurry, hurries, steps right up, gets your ticket that the series is going to start.” A soliloquy of drum and saxophone passages generates confusion and stress against the background of a miracle.

The launch also contains the tracks: Chorale, that will be a brief beautiful cut which includes the horns; Héroes De Acción, a dream song that John composed as a soundtrack for an amazing Spanish animation crime-fighting hero, and he captures the components of a Latin hero leaping into and out of risk; and the previous course,

This Too Shall Pass opens using the sobering noise of this sousaphone calming your nerves after a fun-filled, feverish, enjoyable, and rewarding day under the large Top with John Ellis & Double-Wide.