The 8 Essential Elements of a Landscaping Portfolio

For Green Industry professionals, a persuasive landscaping portfolio is indispensable.

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Thus, what if Green Industry experts include within the landscaping portfolio? Photography is the clearest response, without a doubt it’s vital, but do not overlook other components that need to be included in your portfolio.

Listed below are the 8 key elements of a persuasive landscaping portfolio:


Pictures of your landscaping job are the most essential characteristic of your portfolio. As a result of this, make certain to adhere to some basic principles of sunnyvale tx landscaping. First, arrange your photos in a reasonable manner.

Also, arrange your photos in a logical sequence and contain”before” pictures in addition to images taken throughout the building of a landscaping job. This wide range of pictures provides a viewer with greater circumstances.

Simply use your complete best pictures on your landscaping portfolio. 1 extraordinary photo delivers more effect than a dozen realistic pictures. Make sure you incorporate an assortment of images, such as photos of hardscape components, garden decoration and detail shots of paving patterns, iron function and plant mixes. Adding images from other seasons of the year in addition to night vision makes for a much more persuasive landscaping portfolio.

Drawings and landscape programs

People today like to check at lovely drawings. As stated previously, include pictures of just your absolute best work. Include whatever drawings you believe will showcase your abilities.


Include testimonials from customers in addition to other professionals you’ve worked with. If folks are saying good things about you and your landscape company, you will want to incorporate this on your landscaping portfolio. In case you’ve obtained Thank You notes or emails with luminous comments, copy them and add them into your portfolio. Adding the first notes and cards as part of your demonstration is considerably more effective than simply displaying written remarks.

Particular features

In the event that you or your own landscape company was featured in a magazine or newspaper make certain to replicate it and incorporate it into your portfolio.

Released writing

Many Green Business professionals compose columns and articles for local papers and magazines. If you are a part of the audience, make sure you include reprints on your lawn portfolio. If you have composed for Green Industry books, also include this on your portfolio. Your prospects will not read the guide, but they’ll consider you to be a specialist in your area due to the credibility and authority that includes writing for business publications.

Community participation

In the event that you and your landscape company are busy in your area, include these details on your portfolio.


Contain all awards that your company has got on your landscaping portfolio. You might even incorporate substantial certificates you along with other colleagues have earned.


Organize your affiliations on your landscaping portfolio brings authenticity to your landscape company. Also contain the landscape business institutions you’re actively involved with on a local, national and state level.

A persuasive landscaping portfolio is vital for Green Industry companies. It is among many keys to effectively promoting landscape services and products.

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