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“Finding ways to decrease the number of individuals who develop diabetes is both a federal public health priority and a financial imperative,” explained Dr. Elbert Huang, the lead author of this paper and an assistant professor of medicine in the Department of Medicine in the University of Chicago. “The very best way to stem the dramatic increase in diabetes is to employ proven preventative care applications on a nationwide level.”

Health Care

The study’s findings are shocking, since they’re meant to be — and I think they are usually true — but there’s a hidden agenda here which tells a curious story about the way the medical profession defines”preventative care plans.”

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Key Point #2: The overall gist of the analysis results are meant to induce Congressional legislation for devoting more funds for diabetes”preventative therapies,” and agency coordination of services for its diabetic and pre-diabetic people, intended to decrease the devastating costs of handling the fullblown complications of diabetes, such as amputation, kidney disease, and blindness.

Key Point #3: Nowhere is it said that diabetes might be prevented and even reversed by tricking people to embrace much better diet and exercise habits, basically at no cost.

It wouldn’t serve the interests of this drug maker that financed the research to point out a more straightforward and nobler way of making people aware of the hazards of the excesses of the”Standard American Diet” of sugar-frosted noodles, processed meats, and Cheez Doodles, using a diet pop chaser The entire study, and also the press release with its shocking name are all about discovering more money in the national funding for creating an”investment” in handling the projected growth in diabetes, as a result of increasing numbers of those obese people.

This media release, the academic analysis, along with the supporting National Changing Diabetes Program, devoted to”driving national policy change” and”increasing diabetes on the federal agenda” don’t reach the center of the topic. At its core is a crystal clear image of how companies create urgency in the heads of their taxpayers and legislators to ensure that more cash can be found in the national trough to cover their specific drugs and solutions.

The majority of Congress amiably goes along with this charade since they comprehend the pharmaceutical firms as”good citizens” and allies at trapping more tax money from their U.S. public. Milking the people and passing out favors to wealthy business bands are exactly what Congress does best.

Cloaked in the dense verbage of policy wonks is among the keys to knowing why American healthcare costs are going through the roof:”The very best way to stem the dramatic increase in diabetes is to employ proven preventative care plans on a nationwide level.”

However, just what are”preventative care applications”? I would be willing to wager they involve services and drugs, the same as those who Novo Nordisk sells. Along with the doctor who stated it leaves unclear. I guess that the language is intentionally hazy so we might think that it means what we would like it to mean. (I seen Novo Nordisk’s website and discovered nothing I’d call preventative care plans, just plenty of medication. Regardless of using diet and exercise adjustments to create medication unnecessary.

There’s an unspoken assumption that the American people can’t be expected to create smart changes in their daily diet and workout habits. This premise becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy if doctors do not observe the”initial measures care” routine — as many physicians do not — of notifying the individual of changes in exercise and diet regimens that could make medication unnecessary — and be fitter for your individual in the long term.

With no counselling and insistence with their doctor, many patients would not know where to search to this information of if they can trust the origin.

Dr. Barnard’s book also shows the fallacy from Dr. Huang’s announcement about preventative care plans (no uncertainty regarding medication ). In accordance with Dr. Barnard, medication treatments for diabetes don’t block the progression of this disease and so, couldn’t lower prices, but might only begin that the”meter operating” earlier. (However, every time a pharmaceutical company funds a study, do you think that it would ever see the light of day when it did not suggest a demand for more drug-based treatment?)

Only educated and motivated patients may change their customs that have caused the illness. Medicines can’t do this independently.

Beginning a nationwide educational campaign to alert people to the risks of the unhealthy diet could lead to great distress among the”farm vote” and the Processed Foods Industry, that might place their lobbying muscle building and election funds gifts to function to avoid any program from showing the real source of the obesity epidemic.

Expecting Public Health Education From People Who Sell Drugs — Concerning Ways To Attain Health Without Drugs — is Unrealistic

It’s fascinating how obesity was become a disorder which needs medication and surgical interventions to handle it, therefore it will not cost the public more in the long term.

To sum it up: Intelligent private plans that prevent ailments such as diabetes are unlikely to get traction as there are numerous agencies, foundations, fundraisers, and business groups which are feeding from the sick-but-not-terminal American people. There’s not much push to stop cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, etc., since there’s absolutely no money in it to the important players. . .unless we specify prevention to imply beginning drug remedies earlier.

Our healthcare system is all about keeping us ill. There is absolutely not any incentive to heal usbecause then the cashflow for physicians, hospitals, and pharmaceuticals would dry up. The cash is in keeping us alive and able to cover their bills. (That is where Congress will help.)

Health maintenance, (which ought to be called illness care) is devoted to extracting more money from people to finance more research, to cover more lobbyists to be certain our most feared disease is high on the agenda of Congress, that will announce a National Diabetes Awareness Day and attempt to find additional tax money to encourage greater round-about medical/pharmaceutical interventions to shield us from happening on the goods of other nice campaign contributors — state, those from the Processed Foods Industry.

But let’s the way to heal our disease? No, that is not on their business schedule. Physicians, for the most part, are doing what they had been taught in medical colleges chiefly financed by the pharmaceutical sector: the best way to prescribe medication for a variety of ailments, order tests, and refer patients for operation.

There’s only nominal funding for showing people how they could address their obesity problem at no cost — the Center for Disease Control lays some rather exact pamphlets encouraging better eating habits and more exercise, such as. That is step in the perfect direction, but that is not where the real cash is moving.

Follow the money trail to figure out the actual agenda of this medical/pharmaceutical complicated. The big cash is in keeping us ill and collecting payments for handling our disorder, not preventing or treating it. Read between the lines of doublespeak to locate the fact our approach to healthcare is so costly.

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