The Samsung Galaxy S2 Impresses On Many Levels

The Samsung Galaxy S2 is the most recent flagship Android smartphone from Samsung, also has been demonstrated to be a huge success. The handset has an extensive and remarkable spec list that contains the likes of a 8 megapixel camera, quad-core chip and large, higher resolution touchscreen.

Samsung Galaxy S2

Within this column I will take a better look at a few of the crucial characteristics of this Galaxy S2 so that you can determine if it’s the ideal smartphone to you.


As previously mentioned, the Samsung Galaxy S2 comes with an 8-megapixel camera. This makes it a fantastic camera phone, as the results are gratifying thanks to this resolution of 3264×2448. The camera includes numerous additional attributes that make using the camera simple and enhances the resulting graphics concurrently. Video capture is one of the advantages of their cellphone’s camera, together with the capacity to capture full HD (1080p). It’s all of the proper specifications, however, remains simple to use.

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The Samsung Galaxy S2 was among the first tablets to come using a dual-core chip. In 1.2 GHz, it surely makes for a quick port, and all of this computing power benefits many facets of the mobile’s functionality. Multitasking, the loading and opening Cheap samsung s10 in Australia times of software, web browsing rates, and touchscreen responsiveness are affected by the chip. The advantages of the potent processor are evident in some handset using less computing power and it makes for one of the principal selling points of this Samsung Galaxy S2.


This generates good excellent image screen, although it might not be around the caliber of the retina screen of their iPhone 4S or any newer Samsung tablets, it’s guaranteed to impress the vast majority of users. The display itself is made from Gorilla Glass, and this can be demonstrated to resist the occasional fall on a tough surface, therefore if that is a comfortable scenario for you, the Samsung Galaxy S2 needs to be one to think about when choosing your smartphone.

Besides the features mentioned previously, there’s a lot to enjoy about the Galaxy S2; it’s among the thinnest smartphone accessible, has the newest edition of this Android OS, using downloadable programs in the Android Market, also contains lots of internal storage using the 16 and 32 GB variants available (both using a microSD slot machine for more storage by means of a memory card).

Samsung has just published a variety of new versions in its own Galaxy Range such as the Note and Nexus. This usually means that the Samsung Galaxy S2 is subject to a cheap deals, with lots of UK networks that provide the handset at no cost on selected tariffs.