What You Need to Know Before Building a House Extension

Before building a home, you want to receive two things from the way. Step one is building regulations approval and assess whether panning consent is necessary. Probably you may require both house extended. From time to time, you can eliminate only needing the construction reg. Approval just of your intended extension is within specific limitations.

House Extension

All these are coated in under about six components and therefore are related to home extension within UK only. The first is place.

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If the space where you’re planning to construct an expansion will pay more than half of the original subject of the backyard, then you’ll need planning permission.


As anticipated, the environment comes and maintaining what can’t be readily replaced is overriding. Any construction extension inside a place of exceptional all-natural beauty demands consent.


This is very much an integral element in any construct. Any addition to the home that will be greater than the maximum portion of the house roof will probably demand the go-ahead of planning authorities.

Listed Construction

Actually having extension functions on any given construction requires around five (5) forms of permission based upon the degree or complexity of the home expansion.

  • Primarily and most importantly is your planning permission for construction operations however little.
  • When for some reason that the construction constitute a portion of a historical monument, subsequently scheduled monument consent will be required.
  • Finally, though not anticipated of users, you might require advertisement content. This is only required if signs and advertisement will be built on the construction.
  • For people who want to take on such a challenge in creating an expansion onto a listed building, an individual will be very happy to understand that for getting consent for functions on the recorded building that there’s a substantial concession accessible the cost of alterations to listed buildings utilized as charities or as personal home are zero rated for VAT. More info can be obtained in the National Trust.
  • Projections

Any component of an expansion which projects beyond the primary wall of the home facing a highway or that’s significantly less than sixty five toes (65ft) [20m] in the highway demands panning consent.


If the expansion will be a different dwelling house then seek out planning agreement .


The most obvious and noteworthy reason for constructing a home extension is to produce additional living area. To guidelines set down by the government stipulate that for an increase in the quantity of the initial size of the Home of the following level (whichever is higher ) that planning permission Ought to Be obtained:

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