Eureka Timberline 4 Adventure Tent Review

More than 100 years to be exact. The Eureka company began back from the late 1890’s as a firm that was generating canvas merchandise to its American frontiersmen of the moment.

Adventure Tent Review

Many renowned expeditions around the world as well as around Mount Everest has utilized Eureka tents on the way. This certainty provides this company a great deal of credit for caliber and expertise within the design and manufacture of tent solutions.

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The Eureka Timberline 4 experience version is a classic favorite and exceptionally popular item. There have been more than a thousand sold, making this among the very popular, though not the hottest tent sold.

Everyone who is or is a boy scout ought to be familiarized with this tent. It’s existed for a number of years has always been updated and enhanced in which it had to be enhanced.

The design of the model is a normal A framework kind of layout. It’s a freestanding style that’s quite simple to set up within only a couple of moments time without hassle, in order that no tie downs or bets are essential to fasten it to the floor. You will find guylines and rain fly attachments which are fastened to the floor which provides you the excess stability which could be required in rough or extreme circumstances.

That is exactly what could be considered a three season tent, that would be the most frequent kinds that are offered now. They’ll get you through many seasons with the exclusion of a very cold winter situation. Together with 63 square feet of floor area available, sleeping 4 people should not be a problem.

Though fairly mild so far as backpacking chairs go, this isn’t one of these ultra light versions where every ounce counts. If you’re going on lengthy backpack trips and burden is a significant problem, then you need to check into one of those milder ultra light tents which are available now.

Constructed from a solid coated polyester cloth, and with flooring tiles which are stored educated and away from the ground, water leakage shouldn’t be a issue.

You will find interior mesh pockets to store your gear, and also you may find an optional vestibule (that is a fantastic idea) measuring 14 square feet to utilize to store your own stuff.

Overall, I enjoy Eureka’s timberline. Maybe there’s some nostalgia there together with all the Boy Scouts but when my preceding memory serves me, and my existing inspection is true, these are an excellent tent for the price and one which should endure for several years to come if you’re a casual weekend shop. If you’re the more serious kind of intense backpacking retailer, then you need to be looking elsewhere.