Why Have a Salt Lamp?

In the spa was a tiny dark room with big soft chairs and quiet music playing Galaxy Lamp Australia. The only light came from several salt lamps which were dotted about the place. I stumbled in there and it was really relaxing and relaxing. I’ve since bought plenty of lamps and filled up most rooms in my house.

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There’s a lot said and written about these lamps, the majority of it to my mind is crap (but I am not a scientist).

You hear about people with asthma who may barely breath and as soon as they have a salt lamp in their home; all works nicely. For me the only manner that Himalayan salt can help asthma endures is by using Salt pipes where you truly breathe air into your lungs though salt.

Or should you operate and live down a salt mine where the air is close enough salt. I do no see how putting a 4-kilo salt lamp in your living room is actually going to help.

One more thing that you hear is the way the salt lamp in your house will make the atmosphere in the room just like the air on a beach or right after a thunderstorm. Personally: I’ve been up the hills of the moon in East Africa and been in really big storms on the areas of Texas and that I can tell you, hand on heart, that my property is nothing like the air in these conditions.

Then you hear talk of how a salt lamp next to your TV will suck up all the bad ions..Well I do not know about that and as far as I understand you cannot see waves, and that will tell.

What I do know is that if I put a doughnut near my TV I’ll have a room filled with flies and should I place an onion next to the bed of somebody with flu; afterward the onion will suck up the influenza virus (this really is a proofed reality because scientist has analyzed this and seen the virus on the onion which, by the way turns black in the night)

Final Words

So why do I have Himalayan salt lamps in my house: because they are beautiful things and they deliver a clam and peace for my spirit.

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