5 Ways Cannabis Leaders Profit From Public Relations

When cannabis users discuss the cannabis industry and the need for better public relations, they often mention three well-known leaders. These are Bennington, Washington Co., hemp advocate advocates Troy Turner, and Network Medical’s Keith McAllister.

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All have come to realize that the cultivation of cannabis is a politically-loaded topic and that they must be careful how they participate in the dialogue. It is too easy to be misunderstood and, in fact, to promote an image that is only in favor of cannabis pr agency users and their rights. So, these top three cannabis leaders share their secrets for making themselves appear in the right light.

Cannabis Leaders Profit

First, Bennington is a leader who knows the importance of cultivating good public relations. He has been careful to pick carefully the organizations that he supports. He declined to endorse marijuana use in order to avoid controversy.

Instead, he has focused his efforts on supporting other related causes such as animal rights, ending juvenile delinquency, and assisting troubled teens. This approach has earned him many supporters and has brought him into direct contact with media outlets and policymakers who may be willing to take a chance on his business idea.

Next, Troy Turner is another example of a cannabis industry leader who is thinking about how he speaks to the press and public. As the editor-in-chief and managing editor of cannabis blog Harbinger, Turner has seen first-hand the damage that incorrect media and comments can do to the image of the cannabis industry.

Because of this, he is cautious about what he says and what he promotes. He avoids all types of link sharing, which means that he does not benefit financially from articles written on cannabis-related topics.

Public Relations

Finally, Network Medical is a resource for medical marijuana users looking for information about legal issues and the federal government’s stance on cannabis. Much like Harbinger, the network believes that the best way to promote a business and its community is to avoid controversial statements and press releases. When it comes to the cannabis industry, public relations and networking are two important allies.

Although it is true that some businesses profit from PR and networking, the leaders most often benefit from PR. The reason for this is that they have one of the most effective ways to shape the news, opinion, and trends of the cannabis industry.

By staying abreast of new developments within the industry and advocating for cannabis legislation, marijuana entrepreneurs are able to stay one step ahead of the ever-changing landscape. When it comes to answering the question of how do cannabis leaders profit from public relations, the answer is simple: by being prepared!

For those in the cannabis industry who wish to gain visibility and build solid relations with the press and public, there are a number of options available. For example, DC Bureau of Investing editorials and blogging gives daily insights into the financial and business news of the cannabis industry. Additionally, marijuana business news website concentrates on breaking local news and features stories from the industry.


Websites such as Leafly and Weed blog allow cannabis enthusiasts to share information, view blog posts, and read news from industry insiders. While these and other websites are great ways to gain attention and gain credibility, nothing beats knowing the right people in the right places when it comes to developing solid relationships with the press and the general public.

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