What Should You Do When You Have A Tree In Your Yard

Tree Removal Price But the average price to remove a tree from your yard range from around five hundred dollars to more than seven thousand dollars, with many homeowners paying well into the thousands of dollars for tree removal services.

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Depending on the type of tree you have, how large it is, and other factors, a tree trimming service will either come in to your home or will approach you about removing the tree. Even if you are not interested in hiring a tree removal company, some homeowners find it useful to hire a treeologist instead.

Professional Tree Trimming Most tree trimming services offer services that include pruning, removal, bagging, power washing, tree trimming, etc. When it comes to pruning, the process involves cutting away branches that are unwanted and interfering with walking, sitting, and other normal activities in your yard.

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Tree trimming can also involve cutting away dead or infected branches, making the space around the tree appear healthy and inviting. If there are dead branches sticking out of the tree, or if there are infected ones, a professional tree trimmer can often help you by cutting away the tree and repairing the power lines that may have been affected by the branch break.

Bagging and Storing Another factor to consider when contracting a tree removal service is the storing of the stump. Many homeowners choose to simply hire a tree removal company to remove the stump for them, but many homeowners find this not to be as convenient or cost effective.

Final Words

Typically, a tree removal company will dig up the stump, remove it, bag it, and dispose of it. However, another factor to keep in mind is whether or not you are dealing with a tree removal service that will also bag and store the stump for you. This can save you time, money, and a trip to the landfill.

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