When Do You Need Bunion Surgery?

People who often experience pain in their feet, even after making those life-changing lifestyle changes can opt for bunion surgery as an efficient treatment method.

Bunion Surgery

These situations make you a perfect candidate for bunion surgery; your pain impedes or prevents you from performing daily activities or routine tasks bunion surgery. These hindrances make walking very difficult and if you have this condition, you know how hard it is to stay motivated.

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Bunion surgery is the most common orthopedic surgery performed today. If you’re interested in having your bunion surgery, your doctor will give you a physical examination. During your examination, your doctor will check if you have big toe joint arthritis, or bunion deformity. In addition, your doctor will also check for bone spurs or bone resorption. If you have these conditions, your doctor will most likely recommend bunion surgery.

If your bunion pain is mild, your doctor may recommend bunion surgery to help you eliminate the problem. However, if you suffer from serious bunion deformities, your doctor may consider other treatment options, such as toe straightening or bunionoplasty. On the other hand, bunion surgery is not always necessary.

If you don’t treat bunions immediately, they can lead to severe pain. For example, if you live in a hot climate where your bunions keep rubbing against your socks, it’s very important that you take action as soon as possible to prevent damage to the tissues surrounding your toe.