How Search Engine Optimization Tips Can Help Your Blog Posts

Learn from our mistakes. Don’t make the same mistakes we did with our campaigns. Learn from the mistakes that didn’t work. Refine keywords and use them sparingly in paid advertising. Use off-page SEO to gain quality backlinks.

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When choosing a title tag, don’t use keywords that are competitively used in the Google AdWords Keyword Tool. Instead, use unique, targeted keywords that are not found in the AdWords Keyword Tool for further info about Seo tips and tricks. This will create more natural SEO results where visitors are searching for a certain word or phrase and not for a competitive keyword search term. Test different titles on a daily basis. Our SEO Tips and Tricks guide recommends that you use Google’s free keyword search terms tool to generate potential search engine optimization titles.

Search Engine Optimization Tips

If you use a WordPress blog, optimize your header image for your meta tags. Another one of our SEO tips and tricks is to use header images in the content. Optimize images using image-compressors, image-scrapers or image-spiders. These tools compress images to reduce file size without compromising the original quality.

Don’t over-optimize PPC

One of our SEO tips and tricks is to create ads that are “short and sweet.” The ad should provide relevant information in just a few words. You can do this by testing on several search engines. Google AdWords offers several keyword option options to choose from to create short and sweet PPC advertisements.

Avoid cramming your site with keywords and codes. In addition to Google Panda and Google Penguin, Google is now using the Google Analytics Content Network to analyze user experience across the web. The Content Network will rank your site based on how the user experience was across the web for each individual keyword. This is one of our best SEO tips and tricks for staying on top of the competition.


Use YouTube for more than video production. To maximize the potentials of YouTube as a marketing tool, we recommend using the video pages to publish SEO tips and tricks and other relevant information related to your niche. As a rule of thumb, we suggest publishing at least 3 video blog posts each month to optimize your SEO results.

Internal Links:

We have all heard the story about the little website called Squidoo that got taken over by Google. This is an example of how a simple internal link from another website can boost your rankings in Google. In the case of Squidoo, the link came from an internal webpage about travel. For your blog posts, you can create internal links from user profiles, web directories, blogs, and press releases. Just make sure you use relevant anchor text within your links so that your SEO results will be more targeted.

To recap, in order to get the most benefit from your SEO efforts, we recommend that you publish at least three to four SEO best practices articles per month. Keep in mind that we suggest using relevant keyword terms, optimizing with your meta tags and keywords, and making sure your content is fresh.

Final Words

There are many other SEO best practices to remember, but if you follow these tips diligently, you will find success in the search engines. With a good solid foundation and the help of the right tools and experts, your website should start providing excellent customer service and valuable service to the online community.