How Does the Accelerated Reader Challenge Work?

“What is Accelerated Reader Question? Accelerated Reader Question!” says Cayden. “You know, it’s just like the Advanced Placement Exams and the AP Exam. In fifth grade, we have to do a reading test and an essay, but this time we’ll do both.”

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This is an accelerated reading test, meaning that it is designed to present material in small chunks of time-not a full page at a time as in the normal tests. This is a great idea for many students, especially those who struggle to understand large texts videos by motivation accelerate. In fifth grade, children are usually reading a couple of pages at a time, so being required to read two pages at a time can seem almost impossible. But Cayden says that in fifth grade, because the student is already advanced in reading, he or she will be able to absorb and comprehend the material better. Therefore, with the accelerated test, they will be prepared for the fifth grade state exam in America.

Accelerated Reader Challenge Work

In the Accelerated Reader Challenge, students are given two pages to read. They are given two passages that are the same in content but vary in speed. That means one text will be read at a regular speed, and the other one will be read at twice the speed. The student needs to read the first copy twice, while listening to the audio once.

Now comes the hardest part. Reading the text while you are listening to it requires that your mind stay on the text. Your body must relax and your breathing should become steady. In order for your mind to stay still, think of nothing else except the text. For example, if the text is about ants, you might read a sentence like “An ant is a beautiful ant”. That sounds really boring, don’t it?

During the test, the teacher asks questions about every passage. You are allowed to respond with: “I read it as a story.” “I read it as if I am telling a story”. These answers help the examiner to determine how well your child has learned the material.

Final Words

There are more requirements for this test than what was stated above. If your child has failed the accelerated reading tests before, he may need to take them again. Also, he may need more time for practicing each section of the test. But as mentioned, he is going to have more confidence if he got an A or B on his first attempt.