Carpet Cleaning Products That Will Improve Your Results!

When it comes to carpet cleaning products, there are a lot of options out there carpet cleaning service near me Boise Idaho. Each one claims to be better than the last. How do you know which carpet cleaning product will work best for your carpet? Which brand will really get the job done? How do you choose between all of them? The answer to this question is simple: research!

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Carpet Stain Remover Stain removers have been around for decades, but are still some battle heated between brands. It used to be that Driclor was the only carpet stain remover you could buy, but now they have dropped the ingredient to cruelty-free. cruelty-free means that it’s safe for cats and dogs. For people with children or pets that might be allergic to the Driclor name, this is definitely a step in the right direction.

Fabric Softener Fabric softeners used to be a staple in carpet cleaning products, but not anymore. Now, carpet cleaning products have moved from using fabric softener to sodium hypochlorite. Sodium hypochlorite works wonders when it comes to stain removal. If you’ve ever tried using bleach on a stain…this is close to being the same exact strength as bleach (which is also in the arsenal of many professionals).

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Fabric Softener Soap manufacturers used to include fabric softeners in their cleaning formulas. Manufacturers nowadays are now including a pH stabilizing formula instead. This ingredient works wonders at keeping carpets and upholstery from smelling fresh after heavy traffic and day to day use.

Vamoose Soap Vamoose is a great carpet stain remover with its unique combination of surfactants and oxygen cleaners. Surfactants are substances that pull dirt out of the carpet. The oxygen cleaners act as an oxidizer on the dirt. Vamoose’s surfactant formula uses a combination of sodium silicate, borax, and potassium sorbate. Sodium silicate and borax will force the liquid into small beads that will then be absorbed by the carpet fibers.

Triple Play Stain Removers Here’s the best way to describe what happens when you use Vamoose as part of your cleaning formula. Mixing the Vamoose pre-spray with a gallon of hot water, apply to the area you want to remove the stain. After applying the pre-spray, immediately follow up with a gallon of hot water and mix thoroughly.

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Allow the Vamoose pre-spray to dwell for approximately five minutes before scrubbing it into the carpet with a vacuum or wet mop. The Vamoose pre-spray combined with the hot water and scrubbing action will work wonders and get those stains out.