Body Piercing Techniques

Body piercing also called navel piercings, is the process of cutting or piercing a portion of your body, making an opening where an artificial implant can be placed, or wear jewelry can be worn body jewelry shop. In the past, body piercing was limited to those who were members of punk subcultures, gangs, tribes, and those with unusual amounts of money.

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Today, body piercings are popular among young people, and there are even some celebrities who get body piercings to stand out from the crowd. This article will let you know what types of body piercings are available, and what you need to do to get your body pierced.

Body Piercing Techniques

There are two types of body piercings that most people have heard of – the gasket technique and the lip gash technique. The gasket technique involves the use of a rubber or plastic gasket, which is then connected to the surrounding skin using tiny stitches. A small hole is made in the skin and the gasket is pulled through, closing off the hole.

Lip piercings are similar to gasket piercings, except that instead of connecting to the skin, they are connected to the lips by stitching. If the gasket technique doesn’t leave a hole, the person can make their lip piercings permanent by having them removed surgically.

Facial Piercings: Unlike the other body piercings discussed above, facial piercings don’t require inserting any type of jewelry into your skin – they are instead covered with soft, decorative paper or cloth. The face can be easily pierced with jewelry such as rings, nose rings, or earrings – anything that isn’t too large and that won’t cause too much discomfort. Since the face is covered, it leaves an open option for those who would prefer a more exotic or revealing body piercing.

Final Words

With these piercings, there are plenty of different shapes and sizes available, from star eyebrows to long, sensuous spikes. Some people prefer to have their faces completely covered while others go for semi-hidden piercings, allowing their faces to look normal even while sporting their new jewelry.