Mobile Dog Grooming Service

Mobile Dog Grooming is a new grooming service in Idaho that promises an easy way to groom your dog. They claim to have “some of the most cutting-edge technology in dog grooming”, but they don’t advertise it at all. Their grooming services will include a trim, a bath, nail clipping, ear cleaning, and a style of dog groomers near me Boise ID. When you visit their shop, you’ll find a few well-groomed dogs lounging on the floor, scratching at their ears and looking at you with a big gleam in their eye. Once you’re at the salon, you can start grooming your dog yourself or take your pet into the office with you.

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The first step when you work with Moble Dog Grooming is to get your pet ready for the service. Your pet should be cleaned up, have it’s nails clipped, and you should sterilize its ears. If your pet is a high strung breed or if it has long hair then the hair might get tangled and rub against the scalpel during your treatment which can cause bleeding. If you want the best service possible, make sure to take your pet in on appointment, get all the grooming done at the same time and use certified veterinary scissors so your pet gets the very best result.

Dog Grooming Service

While there are several other dog grooming services in Idaho, only Moble Dog Grooming offers the highest quality service. They do extensive research before they start any service and they are constantly updating their equipment. Their grooming chairs are made of the finest leather and they are ergonomically designed. Their grooming stations come with fully stocked bars and are designed to fit your dog’s specific body size and shape.

Mobile Dog Grooming also offers a couple other services such as dog boarding, and dog lessons. If you take your pet to the dog grooming center then you will need to pay additional for boarding. However, many of their boarders are on-site and can be hired on a one-week basis or if you are going on vacation, you can hire them for an extended stay. Lessons are usually for a couple hours each day and can be customized according to the needs of the clients.

With their vast experience in the business, they are able to handle any type of situation that comes up. Whether you have a large or small breed of dog, there is always something that will work with your animal. Moble Animal Services is always willing to put their customers first and will do what it takes to keep their clientele happy and satisfied. Mobile Dog Grooming even offers pet sitting if you would rather not grooming your pet on a regular basis. Pet sitting is one of the most popular services offered because it is a great way to bond with your pet as well as have some time alone with your pet.

Final Words

The philosophy of Moble Dog Grooming is simple and should be adopted by all businesses involved. The staff is friendly and personable and is available for all questions at all times. Pets are the number one thing that people love and the commitment to their pet’s shows through in the level of service that they provide. Moble Animal Services has established themselves as a leader in the industry and that reputation is well deserved. If you have a furry pet, consider having them checked out by this well-respected business.