Hair Restoration Services In Atlanta

The Hair Restoration Institute at Atlanta Georgia is a non-profit organization that offers hair restoration treatments with some of the best specialists in the industry. If you have been experiencing baldness, thinning of hair or even receding hair lines, then it is time to look for a hair specialist in Atlanta Georgia.

Hair Restoration

They will work closely with you and your hair to make sure that you receive the best treatment available. Hair restoration Atlanta procedures can include follicular unit transfer, micro-grafting, and vascular hair restoration.

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The follicular unit transfer procedure involves taking small sections of hair from areas of the scalp that are not working properly and implanting them into the ones that are Micro-grafting is a hair restoration procedure where entire patches of hair are taken from the patient’s own head, grafted into the affected areas, and then topped off with a covering that can be silk or polyester. Finally, the last type of hair restoration involves a procedure called vascular hair restoration.

When you meet with a hair specialist in Atlanta, they will take an in-depth look at your hair as well as your overall appearance. This includes your skin color, your hair color, and texture as well as your face structure and hair thickness. Based on these factors, the hair restoration doctor will recommend a specific procedure for restoring your hair. Before you can be considered for any of these hair restoration procedures, it is important that you meet with your physician.

It is important that both you and your doctor are on the same page when it comes to the proposed procedure. Once this is done, the hair restoration doctor will oversee the surgery and ensure that you are safe during the recovery process.