Preventive Maintenance and Roof Repairs Made Easy

Henry Proctor is one of the most recognized brands of roofing cement in North America. The company has been making roofing products for over 100 years, so you can be sure that quality is not a concern. Their main product line includes polystyrene shakes and blocks, shingles, asphalt, and metal roofing products. The company also offers a number of specialty products, including pressure-treated shakes, shingle rafters, metal flashings, and metal roof trusses. They offer fastening solutions for all types of structures, including homes, warehouses, storage facilities, industrial buildings, and more.

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Roof Repairs Made Easy

For commercial structures, such as warehouses and stores, have a complete line of products to prevent and repair damage caused by inclement weather service roofing greenville nc. Most of their shingles come in a premium grade and are made with high-density asphalt that resists damage and lasts longer than traditional shingles. If your store needs heavy-duty roofing cement to protect its expensive merchandise, contact a professional roofing company.

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Whether you need a dry or wet solution, you will find a product from Henry Proctor that will work for you. They offer a wide variety of products from roof shingles to fiberglass flashings and block systems. They even offer the option of using roofing cement in conjunction with a coating system to provide additional protection against water damage. Contact a roofing company in your area to learn more about the products they offer.