Using Articles on Healthcare and Culture to Express an Opinion

Culture and healthcare go hand in hand when discussing issues that affect both healthcare and the culture. It seems that there are often discussions on either side of these topics without ever coming to a consensus or agreement on the important issue of culture and healthcare. What is it that so many people are so afraid to talk about?

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The first and most obvious answer to this question is the age-old battle between socialism and capitalism. Healthcare is vital to the survival of any modern society hungary top. As we all know, it costs money to obtain healthcare and with the economic downturn, people are spending their savings in ways that they are not equipped for. Many people are also discovering that they need to dig deep into their pockets just to pay for healthcare services. This is why there is such a heated debate over the direction of the US economy. One party wants to keep things as they are, the other believes that healthcare should be universal, available to every citizen.

Healthcare articles are a great way to express the viewpoints of many different cultures around the world. While some articles are written in response to current events and concerns, others are articles written from a personal perspective. This may include a review of a new health care program that is sweeping the nation or an article on a famous culture that everyone is trying to emulate. Regardless of the culture that is being discussed, the basic premise is the same; a healthy body is desirable.

Healthcare and Culture to Express an Opinion

When discussing healthcare, it is important to remember that not all cultures can use the same medical procedures or treatments. Some cultures may view certain medical procedures as unsanitary or even immoral. This is why it is important to do research on the topic before writing an article on it. It is important to determine which cultural groups may have the greatest concerns and which ones may be the least concerned. If you have questions about the validity of particular sources, do a little bit of background research on them yourself before including them as part of your article. It is also a good idea to find a source for any research you do on health and culture and ask questions about their methodology before using their information.

The most common use of articles on healthcare is to illustrate a point. A simple example is a discussion of how a particular culture determines childrearing practices based on culture and tradition rather than Western medical practices. In this case, the author would be citing sources from that culture that discuss child rearing methods. While these examples might be seen as a minority, the point they make is a valid one. It is the responsibility of healthcare writers to ensure that their discussions are relevant and well-supported by credible sources.

Final Chapter

Beyond healthcare, articles about culture and global health issues are used in a wide variety of other fields as well. Lawyers, journalists, researchers, policy makers and others use articles on global health issues as a means to express their opinion and offer advice to other people. By providing a different point of view, these individuals show the reader that they are different from the masses and understand how to approach healthcare issues from an individual perspective. They also showcase that they know more about the culture and customs of that culture than the regular person. Whether they use a single source for all of their articles or if they write from multiple perspectives, the purpose is the same: provide an individual experience from the greatest number of angles in order to make an educated decision.