Factors Affecting Probate Attorney Fees

As you may see, different factors affect a probate attorney’s fees. A reasonable probate attorney fee should be mutually agreed upon by the executor and probate attorney depending on the extent of his or her involvement and the nature of the estate. One factor that is taken into consideration when determining probate attorney fees is whether the probate attorney is an asset-protection specialist. Attorneys who are asset protection experts charge higher fees because they have more skills in protecting estates than those who are probate attorneys. It is also easier for these asset protection lawyers to secure higher fees from probate court since the role of the probate court is becoming increasingly complex and more complex as time goes on.

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Affecting Probate Attorney Fees

Another factor that may affect the fees a probate attorney receives is the duration of his or her contract. The longer the contract, the more likely it is that the fees will increase over time Sacramento Probate Attorney. The contract length is usually between five years to ten years. It is common for probate attorneys to extend their contracts once their client has passed away. This is especially true if the client had several properties or did not have any dependents. In this case, the executor fee schedule is most likely to increase over time.

Final Words

Probate attorneys also receive retainer fees in some instances. However, the size of the probate attorney fees that the executor charges is generally tied to the amount of money that he or she has won in previous cases. If the probate attorney’s past successes were more expensive than his or her current clients, the executor may ask for a retainer fee equal to the difference in the two prior clientele bases. In this scenario, however, the value of the fees should be commensurate with the value of the results.