How to Use Railblaza Adapter?

The StarPort Adapter is the basic base mount for the entire RAILBLaza Accessories. The StarPort adaptor helps you connect it to almost any object you wish to make it compatible, thereby maximizing your whole StarPort system.

Railblaza Adapter

The adapters are available in three different kinds: the wall mount, the clip-on, and the stand-alone. The stand-alone washers also provide your accessory with the ability to rotate 360 degrees, which makes the stand-alone adaptor perfect for any kitchen countertop.

Escalator, Stairs, Metal Segments

The railblaza adapter kits come with three kinds of adapters. The first kind is called the front-back adapters, which are perfect for normal wall mounting Kayak Accessories Railblaza Brand. They are designed in such a way that they will not interfere with the operation of the rear cable of the lamp. However, the backside of the adapters can sometimes get blocked by protruding wires from the rear of the adaptor. Hence, before buying, it is recommended that you use stand-alone adapters to ensure that no cables interfere with the working of the lamps.

Another kind of railblaza adapter is called the clamshell or flip-click adapter. These clamshell or flip-click accessories allow users to adjust the distance between the clamshells or click heads from one side to the other without having to disturb the rotation of the outer rail. These clamshells are usually equipped with an innerspring that allows users to flip them upward or downward.

They are very convenient accessories for any kitchen that has an opening in the ceiling. Moreover, these clamshells can also be used to hang various kinds of kitchen accessories on the ceiling like aprons, scourers, cutlery, or lights. The railblaza clip-on will slide smoothly and easily into the holes provided.

Finally, another type of railblaza adapter is called the plate-and-swivel adapters. With these accessories, you can easily change the distance between the rail and the wall and adjust the brightness as well. If you wish, you can even use them to change the direction of the lighting from time to time.

Using the railblaza clip-ons is very easy. The first thing you have to do is to attach the railblaza clip-on to the rail after preparing the screws. You may use the same procedure to install the railblaza clamps or the rail clamps. To remove the railblaza clamps, you just have to pull them apart. In order to use the railblaza clip-one, you just have to insert the plug which is provided along with the railblaza clip-ons in the corresponding holes provided in the wall.

You may opt to hang your railings and other accessories on the wall after installing the railblaza adapter. For this purpose, you will have to drill the right size holes in the walls. After this, you just need to screw the railings into the wall plates and then hang them up. Before hanging the railings, you have to make sure that the railings are touching the wall plates and that there are no gaps between the two walls. And last but not least, it is recommended to use the right types of railings to get the best results.