Using Council Approved Pest Control Services

The pest control Auckland Council has undertaken in order to improve pest management in the city is in the process of being reviewed. The current review will: Provide a strategic and statutory framework for the efficient and successful management of pests within Auckland.

Pest Control Services

The current manager, who is responsible for this area, is undertaking a review as part of the Council’s commitment to achieving pest management success for Auckland. The aim of the review is to improve the delivery and effectiveness of pest control within Auckland.

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The current MPP, Mr. John Sheppard, has been elected on a strong platform of change and innovation within the Council and has implemented many changes already. He has also implemented a policy for pest management that aligns with the national government’s National Pest Management Strategy (NPMS), to improve pest management efficiencies across the region.

A key element of this strategy is the establishment of a new Council for Primary Ownerships (CPO) which is currently underway. The CPO will be responsible for the management and monitoring of the current and future property and community pest management budgets and activities Auckland Pest Control Team service. An Independent Expert Panel will be formed to advise the CPO on all aspects of pest management including the impacts of Council for Public Involvement (CDPI) strategies and reviews, community consultation and involvement, and future planning and programs.

The objective of the current review is to develop a structure that will improve pest management efficiencies, and at the same time make Council’s services more accessible to the public. The review also seeks to strengthen the relationship between the Council and the community through the creation of stronger relationships with key stakeholders and through the facilitation of improved communication and stakeholder dialogue.

The objective is to improve the delivery and effectiveness of the Council for Public Involvement (CPI) and improve the delivery of pest management in the regions served by the Council. To achieve this goal the current pest control policy and initiatives should be reviewed, and where possible, modifications made to the policy. There are three broad areas of policy and practice which are being reviewed:

The first area focuses on the establishment of the whakahaere k area (WK RR) in the North Island areas. The whakahaere k area provides road access for vehicle movement between the District Health Office and Waiheke Island and has been instrumental in the management and implementation of biological controls and pest control measures.

It also includes a Marine Pest Management Plan that focuses on controlling invasive species, and an integrated pest management strategy to provide a pest control solution to specific identified pest problems. The Regional Pest Management Plan concentrates on controlling coastal wood pests and has developed a regional pest control strategy for Manukau and West Coast areas.

The second area of policy and practice focuses on the establishment of two regional pest management plans for Whangaparaoa and Oamaru. The goals of these plans are to promote the efficient management of plant and tree species, to reduce the risks to human health and property, and to encourage people to take an active part in controlling pest invasions.

The regional pest management plan for Whangaparaoa was established to provide a biological control program for vulnerable native plant species and to improve pest and bacterial management in the region. The Oamaru plan has been developed to improve pest management in this area and introduce biological controls as an integral part of the management of the district’s plant, woodland, and grasslands. In addition, the council has a regional pest management plan for the improvement of pest and bacterial control within the district’s parks and conservation areas.

Lastly, in order to make effective use of pest control services, the council has developed a comprehensive pest control policy. This policy seeks to address the variety of pest concerns that Auckland City residents have, and has been designed to make the best use of existing pest control services. It is updated on an annual basis and is designed to focus on the management of a small number of identified pest concerns. The policies are included in the resource pack of the A+ Pest Management Company.