NUX Black V Ankle Leggings

The NUX Black V Ankle Leggings are designed with the athlete in mind. Made with a thick, high-quality, soft, and stretchy fabric, these black v ankle leggings are ideal for all levels of activity. These versatile pieces have a reinforced three-inch waistband and no side seams. Their minimalist, yet stylish design is ideal for any active woman. And while these black v-ankle leggings are ideal for the gym, they’re also great for everyday wear.

NUX Black

The black v-ankle leggings from NUX have a three-inch circular knit waistband. It’s seamless and 12″ across, which makes them very roomy. The bottom thigh and calves are designed with breathable mesh jacquard details. The legs are made in the USA, so they’re guaranteed to last you for years. The fabric is soft and breathable, with moderate compression.

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The Network Black V-Ankle Leggings from NUX are made of high-quality stretch material and are made with a flat-locked, no-chafe waistband NUX activewear. The nux black v-ankle leggings are available for $69 to $89, depending on size. Their diamond-shaped gusset and flat-locked no-chafe seams make them perfect for any type of workout or exercise. And their deep evergreen color is sure to be a favorite.

The Nux Black V-Ankle Leggings feature a 3” circumference waistband that’s seamless. The opening is approximately twelve inches wide. The fit of these leggings is loose and comfortable throughout the waist, but they are still snug around the calves. The nux black V-Ankle Leggings are also breathable with a deep evergreen color and are machine-washable.

The waistband on the Network leggings is three inches tall and seamless. The waist opening is twelve inches across and the leggings fit loosely through the waist. The breathable mesh jacquard details at the calves and bottom thigh are also prominent. The network black V-Ankle leggings are made with moderate compression and deep evergreen color. They’re available in black, grey, and khaki colors.

The NUX Active leggings are designed to be used for both low- and high-intensity activities. The black V-Ankle leggings cost $69 and are made in the USA. The Network leggings have a diamond-shaped gusset and flatlock no-chafe seams. They are designed for active women who want to feel comfortable in their workout pants.

The Network leggings feature a three-inch-high, circular knit waistband that is seamless. The opening is 12 inches across. The leggings fit loosely across the waist. The breathable mesh jacquard details at the bottom thigh and calves are a nice touch. The leggings also feature moderate compression and are available in black and deep evergreen colors. The NUX Active leggings have an invisible zip and a flatlock waistband.