Parcel Service by Post Office

The history of parcel delivery and shipping can be traced back to the late 1800s when the Smithsonian Institution began to collect data on these topics. Most of the population of the United States lived in rural areas. As a result, collecting mail was a long and costly process. In order to avoid the expense and inconvenience, many mailers chose to send small packages via the post office. Today, parcel shipping is a fast and convenient way to send and receive items.

Parcel Service

In 1896, the U.S. Congress instituted free rural delivery, which allowed postal workers to deliver mail without charge. This whet the American appetite for parcel delivery. The parcel post was first established in England in 1882, and other countries followed. In the beginning, the U.S. Post Office was limited to sending packages to other countries.

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This prompted opposition from private package delivery services and rural merchants. The advent of the commercial parcel post in the United States paved the way for the growth of domestic and international postal services.

While domestic marketing mail declined sharply after the pandemic, package volume has surged as people increasingly shop online. It now accounts for more than a third of the Postal Service’s revenue parcel number. Although parcel delivery is no longer a vital part of the mail system, it is still a vital part of the US economy. This article will outline the history of the parcel delivery service. – The Evolution of Parcel Delivery

Historically, parcel delivery by the U.S. Post Office has provided an affordable option for sending large parcels. It used to be known as Domestic Parcel Post and could send up to 70 pounds and 130 inches. Today, the USPS has introduced several new services. The USPS’ Commercial Parcel Post service is known as Parcel Select. It was discontinued in 2007 but continues to exist. While domestic delivery is now largely unaffected, the future of the parcel delivery service remains uncertain.

The U.S. Postal Service began delivering parcels in 1882. It was the first postal service to offer this option. The USPS had a variety of services. The domestic Parcel Post service was the most popular and affordable option for large parcels up to 130 inches. In 1904, the United States’ International Parcel Post service became popular. It was a low-cost option for sending large parcels to foreign countries. Currently, it is known as First-class Mail International.

The domestic Parcel Post service has been a low-cost way to send large parcels to different countries. It could send up to 70 pounds and 130 inches. It was also known as Standard Post. The retail Ground service was renamed to reflect its low prices and to better compete with UPS and FedEx. In 1913, the commercial Parcel Post service was renamed Parcel Select. The USPS is currently ranked fifth in terms of the number of parcels it delivers each day.