What Month is the Cheapest to Move?

Before you move, you need to determine the best time to move. Generally, the cheapest month to move is the middle of the month. This is the best time because moving demand is at its lowest during the middle of the month. During the middle of the month, many leases are due to expire. Moreover, you can choose the weekday that suits your schedule.


Moving companies charge less during the winter months. This is because demand is lower during this time. Many companies have flexible hours in the winter and will accommodate any move date. Additionally, they are more willing to work with you during the off-season, which means lower rates. However, make sure to plan your move for a time when it is not too cold and dreary.

What month is the cheapest to move

Moving in the winter can also save you money on storage units. Because the weather is colder, moving companies can keep their most experienced crews, reducing delays and cancellations in Movers Edmonton. You can also find lower rates if you move by yourself during the winter.


Depending on where you’re moving, fall can be the cheapest month to move. Moving companies will be at a lower supply and demand during the colder months, making the price of a move even lower. However, you should avoid moving on weekends, when most movers charge more money. The weekend is also one of the busiest days for moving companies, so you’re likely to get the best rates if you can move during the week.

Moving in the fall also tends to be cheaper than in summer. As more people move, prices are at their highest in the summer. In addition, fewer people are moving in the fall, so there’s less competition between movers. This means a lower cost for you and a better chance to find the right fit for your budget. If you’re moving during the fall, you should also try to get quotes from various moving companies to ensure you get the best deal.


The cheapest month to move depends on a variety of factors. The day of the week, the time of day and the month of the year can all affect the cost of your move. This means it’s important to consider timing carefully when planning your move. Also, keep in mind that if you’re hiring movers, you may have restrictions that may make it difficult to save money on your move.

Moving companies often have lower rates on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. This is because these days are less busy than the first day of the month. Additionally, these days are easier to schedule than weekends. If you’re looking to move, the lower rates may make it worth it to move during the week.

Avoid moving during the high-moving season.

Moving during the high-moving season can be a costly proposition. Moving companies are busy during the summer months, and their rates soar. If you are moving at this time, schedule your move far in advance to take advantage of a lower price. Also, you can avoid dealing with traffic, as the roads will be less congested.

Moving services are most expensive at the beginning and end of the month, and the weekends. To avoid the high-moving season, schedule your move mid-month or mid-week. This way, you will find more availability and lower prices.

Choosing a moving day in the middle of the week

Moving on a weekday is more affordable than on the weekend, so many moving companies recommend it. If you can miss work a day or two, this is a great time to move, as the demand for movers will be lower. Moreover, you will have more time to pack and unpack your things.

If you’re moving long-distance, choosing a weekday will save you money on moving costs. This is because long-distance movers are more likely to have weekdays available slots. This means you can negotiate discounts with the company.

Choosing a moving day during the week also gives you more time to gather the necessary documents. These documents include medical records, birth certificates, driver’s licenses, social security cards, and vehicle registration records. If you’re moving to a new home, you’ll need financial records, too.

For the cheapest moving prices, choose a moving day in the middle of the month. Avoid weekends and holiday times as these are the busiest for moving services. Moving early in the morning is also cheaper because movers have less work, and temperatures are cooler than mid-day.