What Is Studied in Child Psychology?

What is studied in child psychology?

Child psychologists study human development from infancy through adolescence. They are interested in a range of areas including motor skills, perception and analysis, language, social behavior, and the emergence of emotions such as fear, sadness, anxiety, shame, and guilt.

What is the job of a child psychologist?

A child psychologist helps children who have mental health and learning problems, developmental delays, and conditions such as autism or behavioral disorders. Child Therapy Sutherland Shire includes identifying abnormal behaviors early, determining the root of a problem, and helping a child work through early childhood trauma. They also help parents identify signs of abnormal development and guide them in parenting techniques that promote healthy growth.

What is the education required to become a child psychologist?

A bachelor’s degree in psychology or a related field is typically required for aspiring child psychologists. They then need to pursue graduate school and earn a doctorate, either in a Psy.D. or a Ph.D. Programs are usually 4-7 years long and culminate in a dissertation.

What is the main theory of child psychology?

Before Sigmund Freud’s writings became popular after the turn of the century, most Western explanations for differences between children were attributed to temperament or constitution. However, Freud argued that family experience and the experiences of other children made more significant contributions to a child’s personality than did temperament.

Since then, a number of different theories have been developed to explain the processes involved in human growth and development. These theories include Erik Erikson’s attachment theory and Jean Piaget’s cognitive theory of development.