Best Websites For Homework Answers

Homework help websites provide a range of services to students, including Q&A with experts, practice tests and quizzes, study guides and tutorials. Some are free, while others require a subscription fee.

Some homework help sites even offer one-on-one tutoring. However, it is important to note that using these services can be considered cheating.

Chegg Study

Chegg Study is a website that helps students with their homework by providing tutors and access to textbook solutions. However, it is important to note that the site should be used for educational and learning purposes only. It is not an ethical site for cheating a source, and it can even lead to college bans.

While it’s not clear how many students use the service to cheat, some professors have caught them. For example, a chemistry professor designed a question that was impossible to answer on Chegg, and students who posted the answers received a zero. Fortunately, some students have found technical workarounds to view blurred questions. These include using “Inspect Element” in a browser to unblur the answers. Chegg also offers a free trial. You can return the book within 21 days for a full refund (minus shipping). This option is available for both digital books and hard copies.


Socratic is Google’s latest app that uses AI to help students with their homework and learning. When a student inputs a question, the app displays curated results from multiple sources. It also identifies the key concepts that are needed to answer the question.

It encourages the use of peer-to-peer discussion and promotes a culture of collaboration, critical thinking, and reasoning skills. However, it may not be the best teaching method for objective disciplines like math or science.

The Socratic Seminar opens in new window requires students to analyze a passage or text with one another and share their perspectives. The instructor feigns ignorance of the topic to guide the discussion and expose inaccuracies in ideas. The seminar is a great way to improve your critical thinking and communication skills.


Quizlet is a web and mobile tool that boosts students learning through multiple study tools. Users can create their own study sets or search for available ones. Study modes include virtual flash cards, matching games and practice electronic assessments.

Some of these include text-to-speech audio prompts that help ELL students and students with learning differences study. Others, like Space Race and Gravity, use visual learning aids to reinforce concepts.

In addition to these features, Quizlet also offers expert solutions to textbook problems. These were previously offered by Slader, which Quizlet acquired this year. However, the company has now moved these “Solutions” to a paid subscription plan. This move has upset many students. Teachers can purchase a group subscription for their classrooms. Learn more about this new subscription feature here.


24hourAnswers is a website that connects students with tutors. It offers online homework help and live tutoring on its whiteboard platform. It also has a library of answers to common academic questions. It is based in New York and has been in operation since 2005. Its tutors have master’s and doctorate degrees.

Students can contact tutors through email, telephone, or a web form. Tutors are paid by the hour, and prices are negotiated between students and tutors. The site offers a variety of payment methods, including credit cards and PayPal.

Tutors can answer student questions on math, organic chemistry, economics, accounting, computer programming, writing, and more. They can also help students with their SAT and other tests. They can provide step-by-step explanations and offer study guides for different subjects.


Homework or assignments are an integral part of the academic curriculum. Students are required to complete them in order to pass their exams and secure high marks or grades. However, some students find it difficult to manage the time and effort needed to write quality homework. Fortunately, there are online services that offer professional writing help.

One such service is AssignmentExpert, which promises to match customers with qualified subject experts. Its website claims that it has a wide range of academic disciplines covered and a high customer satisfaction rate. Customers can request a quote by filling out an online form. The company promises to respond within an hour, but it often takes longer. The website also does not include a table of rates, which is a common feature on many websites offering homework help.