How Reliable is Kaplan Test Prep?

Kaplan offers a variety of courses for students and professionals, including test preparation, professional development, language training, and university and student services. It also provides online products and tutoring services to individuals and businesses.

While I was a bit disappointed by the production quality of some video lessons, they still offer solid content. Kaplan’s X-factor is their Qbank, which allows students to customize quizzes based on difficulty and subject matter.


Kaplan is an international educational services company that provides test preparation, career training, language instruction, university and student support services, and more. Founded in 1938 by Stanley Kaplan, the company offers a variety of education and training products and programs worldwide.

The company’s SAT prep classes are held in large classrooms, often with 30 students per class. In addition, the company also offers online courses and self-paced study materials. While the company’s SAT courses are more expensive than those offered by competitors, it does offer a money-back guarantee. However, students should read the fine print before signing up.

In addition to offering a robust online platform, Kaplan’s NCLEX prep courses are well-written and high-quality. Their question bank function allows you to create customized practice sets, which helps you focus on your weak areas. Moreover, they give you 6 months of access, which is more than enough time to prepare for the NCLEX exam. This is a huge benefit when compared to cheaper NCLEX prep courses.


Kaplan has a number of study packages, including the Essential Plan which is designed to meet students’ individual needs right here. It also offers live review classes and one-on-one tutoring. In addition, the company has a variety of On-Demand lessons.

The on-demand lessons are slickly produced and offer concise explanations of each topic. They also include practice questions and quizzes that help students learn the material. The videos are never more than 10-12 minutes long. This is an improvement over the longer, lecture-style online courses that are available from other providers.

The company’s most affordable program is its SAT On-Demand Course, which costs $199 for six months of access to its video lessons. The company’s Higher Score Guarantee is included with this package. It also comes with a free reactivation and refund if you aren’t happy with your score. Moreover, the program allows you to access your videos on any device. This makes it a great option for busy students with unpredictable schedules.


Kaplan offers a wide range of formats for their courses. Some are live, but others are self-paced and can be accessed at a time that works best for you. The company also provides supplemental workbooks and study materials. These long-form PDF documents allow students to expand their learning and make it more likely they will be able to internalize the material for success on the exam.

The company has been expanding its offerings over the years, acquiring test-prep companies and vocational education providers. It is currently working to build a new global technology platform. This will include the ability to offer online proctoring, which is a growing need in the industry.

In order to meet the growing needs of its clients, Kaplan needed a flexible and powerful content management system. It chose Componize CCMS, which met all of the requirements, including its ability to manage multiple XML schema and non-xml documents. This solution gave Kaplan a single source of truth and streamlined workflows.

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Kaplan Test Prep is a well-known company that offers a wide selection of courses and materials for college entrance exams like the SAT and ACT, graduate school admission tests such as the GRE and LSAT, and professional education and licensing tests including NCLEX for nurses and CFP for financial planners. The company also provides tutoring services and simulated exam experiences.

In addition to online classes, Kaplan also has a number of live in-person sessions at its offices around the country. These classes are usually held in large classrooms and are led by a professor or other expert in the subject matter. Students can also attend live online classes with up to 30 students.

The quality of a class or tutorial depends on the experience and skills of the instructor. In addition, the online platform should be easy to navigate and visually pleasing. Students should also be able to customize their learning plans and choose study units that match their specific strengths and weaknesses.